[Vital Beautie] Green Tea (Catechin Tablets) - Body Fat Control

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[Vital Beautie] Body Fat Control Pills - Green Tea

Aid for weight-loss, fat burning, lowering cholesterol

[Vital Beautie] Green Tea (Catechin Tablets) - Body Fat Control

Today, we introduce green-tea tablets that can aid in weight loss and cholesterol reduction.

These tablets are made from green tea leaves. Green tea leaves are steamed at high temperatures to produce a concentrated liquid extract. Then liquid is then filtered 5x for catechin. Then de-hydrated and molded into tablets. 

But what is catechin? It is a powerful antioxidant found in green tea leaves.

Catechin has been shown to be effective in reducing visible body fat, and the amount of LDL lipoproteins (aka “bad cholesterol”) in your blood.

When consumed regularly - and with a balanced diet - catechin helps to increase fat burning and boost metabolic rates.

It’s why green tea (and varieties) are regularly served during or after meals throughout East Asia - especially in Japan & China.

Also, these green tablets are enteric-coated - they can withstand the strong acids in your stomach. And only release their content once it reaches your gut.

This minimizes your chances of an upset stomach, while increases the effectiveness of the tablets.

Next time you find yourself choosing high-caloric menu item, snacking too late into the night or dining out with friends, curb the cholesterol intake with a few green tea tablets.

Did we mention? These tablets are vegan-certified.

Consume 3 tablets per serving | 1x a day.

3 tablets contains 300mg of catechin… as well as 30mg of Vitamin C.

(Note: These tablets are not recommended for pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers. Does contains caffeine.)

Available in Regular (42 Tablets) or Large (90 Tablets).

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Product Highlights

  • Green-tea catechin - helps to reduce body-weight & lower LDL cholesterol
  • Consumer after eating high-calorie meals or after late-night meals
  • Vegan-certified - made with no animal products!
  • 1 bottle contains 42 tablets
  • Take once a day, 3 tablets per serving

[Vital Beautie] Green Tea (Catechin Tablets) - Body Fat Control

What do the tablets contain? 

3 tablets (1 serving) contains: 

Catechin - 300 mg 

Vitamin C - 30 mg 

#1 Best-Selling item in Korea for Diet & Health Products (2020)

#1 Best-selling product in Korea's AP mall 

#1 Re-purchased product (2019-2020)

Over 5 million units sold

Endorsed by Son Dambi

Son Dambi (South Korean Singer) personally endorses this product!

Made up of 90% Green Tea Leaves

Includes Pure Catechin - 300mg

An aid for weight-loss & lowering cholesterol


A tablet that helps to reduce body-weight & cholesterol in the blood

Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance that floats in your blood 

HDL are good types of cholesterol that help to repair cells

LDL are the "bad" type that build-up plaque in the arteries

Catechins helps to decrease total cholesterol (including LDL) in your blood

Studies show that Green Tea (Catechin) is effective in reducing body weight - including BMI, body fat mass & waist size

It's also shown to reduce visible fat around the body (including the abdominal area)

Korea's first vegan-certified, slimming product!

1. Does not include any animal (or animal-derived) products

2. Products not tested on animals

3. No cross-contamination during production process

Delivers catechins - without dissolving in the stomach! 

The tablets can withstand the strong acids in your stomach (enteric coating).

They dissolve in the gut (at a target pH level) - where it absorbs quickly into the body!

Take once a day, 3 tablets at a time (with water)

Take the tablets when you're in these situations:

After a high-calorie (or greasy) meal

After late-night meals

After calorie-dense snacks or desserts

If you're dieting and need an aid to lose-weight

If you're vacationing abroad and want to maintain your weight

If you've overeaten during social gatherings

If you're interesting in maintaing your body line & shape

If blood test indicate that you have high-cholesterol

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About The Brand

Vital Beautie is a brand created and operated by Amorepacific - one of Korea's largest beauty brands. Vital Beautie mission is to innovate products that enhance beauty using Korea's natural  ingredients like ginseng, green tea and soybean.  

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