[The Haedam] Sanghwang Mushroom Doenjang (1kg/2kg)

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[The Haedam] Sanghwang Mushroom Doenjang (1kg/2kg)

Delicious, Everyday 365 Doenjang!

[The Haedam] Sanghwang Mushroom Doenjang (1kg/2kg)

Every Korean household has a preference for their Doenjang.

Some prefer a strong, fermented taste while others opt for a lighter flavor or appreciate it chunky with whole beans. Some prefer a lighter color.

This particular doenjang has a very mild pungency and reminds us of a Korean version of Japanese miso.

We love that this doenjang has a light pungency and saltiness, with a deep flavor that makes it suitable for everyday consumption.

It's not overly salty or pungent, which is why we keep coming back to it.

This doenjang is a great choice for anyone who wants a mild, versatile flavor that they can enjoy 365 days of the year.

For those who prefer a stronger taste, you can add a scoop of other artisan-made, stronger doenjang to this lighter base.

Additionally, because it is light, it makes an excellent base for Ssamjang (as a veggie dip).

As the title suggests, this doenjang includes Sanghwang Mushroom (상황버섯), which is a superfood in Korea.

Sanghwang Mushroom is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous effects and is often used in traditional Korean medicine.

Despite the inclusion of Sanghwang Mushroom, this doenjang doesn't have a strong mushroom taste.

Rather, the mushroom is added mainly for its rich nutrition and health benefits, making little difference in taste.

This doenjang is made in Sunchang, Korea, using traditional fermentation techniques and is packed in large containers (1kg / 2kg) to ensure even fermentation.

Remember to store it in the refrigerator after opening.

If you're new to Korean food or looking for an everyday doenjang that isn't too pungent, we highly recommend this one!

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Product Highlights

  • Perfect for mild, comforting yet delicious doenjang stew - not overly salty!
  • Includes a special ingredient - Sanghwang Mushroom (상황버섯), which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fermented the traditional way in Sunchang, Korea 
  • Available in large 1kg and 2kg jars

[The Haedam] Sanghwang Mushroom Doenjang

Sanghwang Mushroom Doenjang!

Our Doenjang is mixed with Korean Sanghwang Mushroom (상황버섯)

This mushroom is renowned throughout Korea for its immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties

We ferment our doenjang paste in Sunchang (Korea), following traditional techniques!

The Sanghwang Mushroom are added to the soybeans and fermented together


✓  Made in Sunchang, Korea

✓  Balanced umami, savory flavor - not overly salty!

✓  Includes Sanghwang Mushroom - grown locally in Korea!

✓  Made in clean, inspection-certified facility

Sunchang is a famous province for producing high-quality Doenjang!

Sunchang, a county located in Jeollabuk-do province in South Korea, is known for producing high-quality traditional fermented soybean paste.

The region has mild temperature and high humidity - making it favorable for the fermentation process.

Sunchang has a well-known reputation for having good-quality water. Clean water is essential for making doenjang, and the water in Sunchang is said to be particularly suitable for this purpose.

 Sunchang also has a long history of making doenjang. The local people have inherited the knowledge and techniques for making high-quality doenjang over many generations.

 In 1999, Sunchang's doenjang was designated as a geographical indication (GI) product by the Korean government, which means that only doenjang made in Sunchang using traditional methods and local ingredients can be labeled and sold as "Sunchang Doenjang."

Doenjang ferments more evenly when stored in large volume

This is why our doenjang is offered in large 1kg and 2kg containers

Taste the rich & umami flavor as the doenjang continues to ferment

How can I use my doenjang?

Make doenjang stew (된장찌개) 

Make wild vegetable banchans (나물반찬)

Make ssamjang - korean veggie dip (쌈장)

Sanghwang Mushroom is famous for its health benefits

The scientific name of the Sanghwang Mushroom is Phellinus linteus (PL). This large, hoof-like mushroom is yellow in color and grows on mulberry trees. It has been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine and is often combined with other medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and maitake to complement cancer therapy. The Sanghwang Mushroom is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Our modern production facility is regularly inspected for cleanliness, safety and quality

Before opening, store at room temperature (in a cool, dry place like your pantry)

After opening. please store in your refrigerator!

Offered in 2 sizes: 1kg (left) & 2kg (right)

Full Ingredients List

Water, Soybeans, Flour, Korean Meju Doenjang, Salt, Sanghwang Mushroom Extract, Roasted Soybeans, Spirit, MSG

Made in Korea

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