[Aromatica] Serene Body Oil - Lavender & Marjoram (100ml)


[Aromatica] Serene Lavender & Marjoram Body Oil

Before Sleep, After-Work Oil

[Aromatica] Serene Body Oil - Lavender & Marjoram (100ml)

Aromatica is a Korean beauty brand that specializes in sourcing the best, natural ingredients from around the world - to create nutrient rich, essential oils for your skin.

Aromatica has developed state-of-the-art technology to extract nutrients from natural seeds, flower, roots. It then infuses those nutrients into organic essences and oils.

Today, we offer one of Aromatica's best body massage oils - Serene Body Oil Lavendar & Marjoram (100ml).

This body oil is perfect for finishing the day with - it's meant to soothe your tension-filled body and calm your overworked mind.

Best for use before sleep or after work.

It contains lavender oil, which has a deep, calming aroma. It helps to promote sleep.

It contains marjoram oil, which is used in aromatherapy to help relieve anxiety. As the oil absorbs into your skin, it will help to calm your mind and relieve stress.

It's enriched with jojoba oil, which contains vitamins A, D, & E, to keep your skin feeling smooth & hydrated.

It also contains six-plant derived oils like olive, almond and sunflower oil to deliver nutrition to your skin and keep it firm.

All AROMATICA oils are vegan and cruelty-free.

And all body oils are graded 'food-grade'.

After your evening shower, gently massage the oil onto your body for a comfortable, deep sleep. 

This oil will absorb without leaving a sticky residue (no gripping feeling).

Works great as a skincare gift to friends, colleagues & family.

Customer Reviews

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M H. (Washington, DC)
beautiful oil

I use this clean oil to combat winter dry skin. It absorbs quickly leaving my skin refreshed. The scent is heavenly, reminds me of a summer garden.

Product Highlights

  • Perfect oil to finish the day with - helps relieve stress & anxiety before bed
  • Non-sticky formula - absorbs without a greasy residue
  • Main ingredients: Stress-Relieving Lavender Oil, Warming Marjoram Oil
  • Enriched with Jojoba Oil (rich in vitamin A, D & E) to keep skin smooth & hydrated
  • Offered in 100ml bottle

[Aromatica] Serene Body Oil - Lavender & Marjoram

Serene Body Oil - Lavender & Marjoram

Use before sleep... or after evening-shower

Watery, oil-type

Absorbs without sticky residue

Aromatica uses only high-quality, "food-grade" essential oils 

- Lavender Essential Oil -

Lavender is a herb that has a deep, calming aroma - soothes the body & relaxes the mind

It helps promote sleep

It's also naturally antibacterial - kills bacteria that may infiltrate your pores

It soothes skin flare-ups

- Marjoram Essential Oil -

Marjoram is a herb that's used in aromatherapy to help relieve anxious feelings

It relieve stress and calms your mood

How to use

After showering, pat down with a towel

Gently spread the body oil over slightly wet skin

Massage until absorbed

(Tip: Use Aromatica Dolphin Massage Tool for a refreshing massage)

Key Ingredients

Lavender Oil

Marjoram Oil

 Jojoba Seed Oil

Lavendin Oil

Bergamot Oil

Benzoin Oil

Elemi Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Aromatica's Worry-Free Formula

✓ Vegan Formula

✓ Aromatherapy Formula

✓ Ethical Sourcing

✓ Gentle Ingredients

✓ Sustainable manufacturing

✓ Sustainable packaging

Recommended areas to massage:

Neck Area:

Apply body oil to the sides of your neck and gently massage with pressure

Groin Area:

There are lymph nodes located in your groin area

Massage these areas with a slight amount of pressure

It will  relieve the accumulated fatigue in your lower body

Foot Area:

Gently push the middle section, on the bottom of your foot

It will help promote blood circulation in your whole body

Note: We highly recommend using Aromatica's Dolphin Tool for a deep massage of the desired area 

If you massage for a extended period, apply a layer of aloe vera gel to soothe/calm the area

Gochujar's Note

1-2  Low Hazard (Safe)     3-6  Moderate Hazard (Normal)      7-10  High Hazard    (-)  Not rated

Serene Body Oil - Lavender & Marjoram

Ingredient list categorized by EWG Score:

Lavender Oil, Marjoram Leaf Oil, Jojoba Oil,  Sunflower seed oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Olive Skin Oil, Plant-Based Oil, Benzoin Resin Extract, Tocopherol, Evening Primrose Oil

Bergamot Oil, Dipropylene Glycol

Lavender Oil

Linalool, Citral


Limonene, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin

Benzyl Alcohol

Manila Elemi Tree Gum Oil


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