[Modori] Goodle Korean Cookware (4 Types)


[Modori] Goodle Square Egg Pan

Non-stick, light-weight & beautiful

[Modori] Goodle Korean Cookware

Say hello to Modori’s latest cookware collection, Goodle!

Beautiful, minimal and capable of beautifying any kitchen. Take a look at the aesthetic combination of black metal with natural wood!

So whats so special about Goodle?

Goodle cookware has the same look and capability as cast-iron cookware... without the heavyweight!

It's made of a highly pure aluminum alloy (>98% aluminum). So you can easily lift the pans with one hand - making it easy to stir-fry or move around the kitchen.

And it retains & distributes heat evenly - similar to cast iron!

But the best part... is that unlike cast-iron, you don't need to season or re-season Goodle pans.

That's because Goodle pans have 6 layers of Inoble Coating (a kind of patented oil road method).

An "oil road" is created by spraying micro, dot-like particles along the surface of the pan. These bumpy micro dots create an oil road, which significantly enhances the non-stick capabilities of the cookware.

The oil road surface also allows you to cook foods with less oil (reference graphic below).

It also makes it very easy to clean. Simply place under running water or use a few paper towels to wipe out residual stains.

The Inoble Coating is 7x thicker than other non-stick surfaces - which means the non-stick surface last a long time!

Finally, Goodle Cookware does not contain heavy metals or harmful materials (PFOA free).

As mentioned, Goodle cookware is made with almost entirely high-grade aluminum (up to 98%) using a non-traditional forging plate process. This special process ensures a durable product without the use of metal alloys that contain heavy metal or toxic substances.

Even the wood handle is made from natural Korean Cherry Tree.

Select from 5 pieces:

  • Goodle Square Egg Pan - perfect for making gyeran mari (Korean rolled eggs) or simply frying an egg in the morning 

  • Goodle Sauce Pan (18cm) - built with high walls, great for cooking ramen, porridge (juk) or for frying foods like donkatsu (pork cutlet). Lid is included.

  • Goodle Frying Pan (24 cm) - use it for everyday dishes (steak, pasta, galbi, marinated dishes). Lid is not included - sold separately.

  • Goodle Wok (28 cm) - great size for stir-frying dishes for the family. Use when you need more cooking surface area than the 24cm frying pan.

  • Frying Pan Lid (24 cm) -  lightweight lid for Goodle Frying Pan (24cm). Made of Stainless Steel.

Editor Note: The non-stick coating on any cookware (regardless of brand) has a finite life. Lifespan will depend on usage frequency and how it's used.

Goodle Cookware is prone to minor scratches, especially at the rim or underside. Modori states that minor scratches are to be expected. However, the scratches do NOT affect the performance of the cooking ware.

To maximize lifespan, avoid drastic changes in temperature to the pan/pot - do NOT wash hot pans/pots immediately under the faucet. Let the pans fully cool down before rinsing.

Please review the section “Precautions When Using” for more tips.

Goodle cookware can be use on any stovetop: gas, electric, ceramic, induction.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
AnJ (Rijswijk, ZH)
Beautifully crafted and very lightweight

Just received the square frying pan, it is delightfully crafted and very lightweight! No imperfections at all. I will be trying my eggs and keep you updated.

Gaby M. (Austin, TX)

Bought the egg pan and it’s a great non stick pan, easy to clean and dries out fast. It's good to know it’s non toxic. Makes me want to buy the rest of the set.

JJ (Gatineau, QC)
I caved and bought the lid too

Slowly I’m buying the complete Goodle set. I love it so much! With the frying pan lid I can now steam dumplings and make tteokbokki!

Surprisingly Lightweight!

I bought the saucepan and the frying pan; they're both beautiful! They're made without rivets so cleaning them is effortless :D

Product Highlights

  • Designed beautifully for any kitchen - modern, elegant and minimal
  • Excellent non-stick capabilities: long-lasting, easy-to-wash & scratch-resistant
  • Can cook foods with less oil - due to the "oil-road" surface
  • Contains no heavy metals or toxic materials (PFOA-free)
  • Google Square Egg Pan - perfect for making gyeran-mari (Korean rolled eggs)

[Modori] Goodle Korean Cookware 

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