[Kim's Red Ginseng] Korean Red Ginseng Candy (2 Varieties)

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[Kim Jung Hwan] Red Ginseng Candy (2 Varieties)

When you're craving something sweet

[Kim's Red Ginseng] Korean Red Ginseng Candy (2 Varieties)

When you finish your meal, but crave a little something sweet...

Or when you're working at your desk and feel that you could use a small treat to keep your mind on track.

Today, we bring you a special Korean candy that is both healthy and tasty. It's made from 6-Year-Old Korean Red Ginseng - grown naturally in the famous Punggi province. Every 6 years, the red ginseng are harvested, steamed and dried to be used in a variety of extract products. A few roots are always saved to be used in making sweets like this.

So what does it taste like? It is of course sweet - but not overly sweet! It has a gentle aroma of red ginseng that you can savor as you suck or chew on it. 

Each candy is individually wrapped to make it easy to store and eat. Place a few on your coffee table and enjoy when you're craving something sweet. Also works great as a small gift to a friend!

1 Red Ginseng Candy Box = ~30 pieces (approximate)
1 Red Ginseng Jelly Box = ~15 pieces (approximate)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tina T. (Ontario, CA)
Ginseng Hard Candy

Taste pretty good. Would recommend.

Lygaia (Burgthann, BY)

I ordered both the candies and jellies and both products are fantastic. I have tried different ginseng candies by different brands and have to say these are hands down the best I have tried. The candies have a pefect mixture of ginseng taste, not too much sweetness and a slight pepperiness, I couldn't say what to improve here.
Same goes for the jellies which have perfect not too soft jelly consistency and an equally great taste.
Another plus is the very beautiful packaging, the box as well as the wrapping of the jellies (especially) is quite elegant and the box itself with the carrying handle would also make a wonderful gift for someone dear.

Lissette M. (Cumming, GA)
Sweet and soft

My brother love it. It was a gift for his birthday.
He is enjoying this product a lot and i will buy it again.
Lissette Meza

E. (Oslo, 03)
Delicious Jellies

I really enjoyed the Ginseng Jellies. They have just the right amount of sweetness, ginseng flavour and yummy texture

Lynn J. (Alameda, CA)
[Kim's Red Ginseng] Korean Red Ginseng Candy (2 Varieties)

My dad has a little bit of a sweet tooth so I was happy to find something rare and made with good quality ingredients for his birthday.
He loved his birthday treat along with some other Gochujar items like tea. Makes for a wonderful and unique gift!

Product Highlights

  • Not overly sweet - with a gentle red ginseng taste.
  • Candy is made with real Korean 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng
  • Pour out a few onto your work desk or coffee table
  • Choose from Red Ginseng Candy or Red Ginseng Jelly 

1. Kim's Red Ginseng Candy (200 grams)

Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Starch Syrup, Sugar, 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Extract

Caramel Coloring

Type of Ginseng Used

6-Year Old Red Ginseng Extract

(Harvested in Punggi Region)

2. Kim's Red Ginseng Jelly (195 grams)

Product In Brief

Ingredients list

Starch Syrup, Sugar, Agar, Oblate Powder

6-Year Old Red Ginseng Extract

Type of Ginseng Used

6-Year Old Red Ginseng Extract

(Harvested in Punggi Region)

Punggi Ginseng & The Grower

Punggi Ginseng - Deep Aroma, Strong Roots 

Since the Joseon Dynasty era,  Punggi province has been famous for its ginseng. The area is located next to Mt. Sobaek, which provides the ideal climate for growing this superfood. Punggi ginseng is labeled premium-grade because it has a deep and fragrant flavor, while containing extra-high levels of ginsenosides (also referred to as saponins, which are the major active components of ginseng root).

45 Year of Growing Experience - Mr. Jung Hwan Kim

Mr Jung Hwan Kim (CEO) has been cultivating ginseng in Punggi since 1986. In fact, ginseng cultivation has run in his family for 3 generations! Every 6 years, the delicate roots are harvested during October - when they contain the highest levels of saponin. They are carefully harvested, steamed, dried and aged. Then processed into extract or powder so it can be used in a variety of derivative products like this candy.

Product faq

Q: Is this made with real red ginseng?
Q: Where should I store this?
Q: Where's it made?

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