[Anthracite] Signature Coffee Blends (Whole Bean) - 6 Types


[Anthracite] Blended Coffee Beans (6 Types)

Premium Coffee from Seoul

[Anthracite] Signature Coffee Blend (Whole Beans)

Anthracite is a very popular cafe in Seoul (near Hapjeong Station).

The original location was built from an old shoe factory - providing a calming, rustic stop for a cup of coffee.

Over the years, the Anthracite team has carried this theme of industrial simplicity - coarse, unpainted concrete walls with pockets of greenery - to other locations in Seoul.

Nowadays, Anthracite has a dedicated following among Korea's young crowd. It's become a very popular cafe for hanging out in Seoul!

Today, we present you with 6 of their best-selling signature blended coffee.

Blended means that coffee beans from several origins have been combined to create unique and complex flavors.

The first are medium-roasts... and the latter 3 are dark-roasts.

If you have friends or family members that are into hand-made coffee (hand-drip, french press, pour over), offer them a taste of Korean café

Note: We ship out the latest batch of roasted coffee from Anthracite to ensure the best flavor (we do not hold bulk-inventory)!

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Product Highlights

  • Sample coffee from one of Korea's top cafes!
  • Great for hand-drip, pour-over, french press 
  • Blends are made with imported coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil and Colombia
  • Received in small batches from Anthracite - guaranteed fresh!
Medium Roast Blends

01. L'air et les Songes

Size: 1 pack (200g)

Origin: Kenya / Guatemala / Ethiopia

Roasting level: Medium-light

Tasting: Complex Floral, Red Currant Berry, Grapefruit, Cashew

02. Pablo Neruda

Size: 1 pack (200g)

Origin: Guatemala / Ethiopia

Roasting Level: Medium-light

Tasting: Cranberry, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Brown Sugar

03. Natsume Soseki

Size: 1 pack (200g)

Origin: Ethiopia / Colombia / Guatemala

Roasting Level: Medium

Tasting: Citrus, Almond, Milk-Chocolate

Dark Roast Blends

04. Butter Fat Trio

Size: 1 pack (200g)

Origin: Brazil / Ethiopia / Colombia / Indonesia / Guatemala

Roasting level: Medium-dark

Tasting: Roasted Nuts, Spicy, Dark-Chocolate

05. History Mystery

Size: 1 pack (200g)

Origin: Brazil / Colombia / Guatemala

Roasting level: Dark

Tasting: Nuts, Brown-Sugar, Cacao

06. William Blake

Size: 1 pack (200g)

Origin: Guatemala / Kenya / Ethiopia

Roasting level: Dark

Tasting: Jujube, Black Current Fruit, Cacao Nips

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About The Brand

Anthracite is one of Korea's top-rated cafes (original branch located in Hapjeong). They import premium coffee beans from Kenya, Colombia and Ethiopia. Then roast them every morning in-house. Each cup of coffee is dripped-to-order. 

That's it folks!