[Starbucks Korea] Korea Heritage Mug (Limited Edition)

[Starbucks Korea] Korea Heritage Mug (Limited Edition)

For Starbucks Fans, Korea-Only Design

[Starbucks Korea] Korean Coffee Mug (Limited Edition)

For Starbucks lovers, this one is for you...

Today, we're offering a limited edition, Starbucks Mug that is available only in Korea.

This beautiful mug showcases an image of traditional Korean culture - Bukcheong Sajanoreum (북청사자놀음) under a starry night sky.

For cultural context...

Bukcheong Sajanoreum is a traditional Korean mask play that originates from the rural village of Bukcheong.

Village folks would craft together an elaborate lion costume and create a dance drama.

The troupe of performers - wearing the lion costume - would pay a visit to each home in the village.

They could conduct an exorcism rite in which the lion character dramatically visited each part of the house, loudly ringing bells.

It was believed that lions could chase away evil spirits!

The owner of the home offered grain to the troupe for their service.

At the end, the troupe calculated how much grain they collected and see if it covered expenses for the performance.

This performance was done annually during the 15th day of the first Lunar month.

The Starbucks logo is subtly visibly in the middle of the cup.

The back of the cup also has a line of Korean text - it means "Korea's Bukcheong Sajanoreum”.

Usage note: Please do NOT heat the mug in the microwave - it may cause damage to the print.

If you're regular Starbucks customer, considering filling up with this unique piece!

Customer Reviews

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R.N. (Appleton, WI)
Beautiful Mug!

I love this mug! It’s beautiful and unique. I’m a bit of a collector is Starbucks mugs and this one is a worth addition! Would definitely recommend.

Product Highlights

  • Limited Edition Starbucks Korean Heritage Mug
  • Depicts Korea Traditional Folk Dance (Bukcheong Sajanoreum)
  • Comes packaged in a Starbucks Korea Box (gift-ready)
  • Gift to friends, family or colleagues!
[Starbucks Korea] Korean
Heritage Mug (Limited Edition)

Size: 355 ml

Color: White

Korean village folks in Sajanoreum (lion dance) under a starry sky!

Comes packaged in a Starbucks Box

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