[Sempio] Yangjo Soy Sauce 701 (930ml & 500ml)


Sempio Yangjo Soy Sauce 701

Korea's Highest-Quality Soy Sauce

[Sempio] Yangjo Soy Sauce 701

Sempio's 701 Soy Sauce is the highest-grade Soy Sauce available in Korea!

The Soy Sauce has a Total Nitrogen value of 1.7%! This means it has a super-high level of soybean protein (explained below). This 701 Soy Sauce is fermented for 6 months and filtered through a 5-stage process. The result is a deep-tasting soy-sauce with an extra-clean finish. It will taste different to any Soy Sauce found at Western grocery markets. Korean homecooks typically reserve this 701 Soy Sauce for use with raw dishes like sushi, namul banchans, or salad dressings.

But, do I need a super-premium Soy Sauce? Soy Sauce is the most frequently used ingredient in Korean cooking. If you plan to cook Korean food regularly, then yes, invest into a high-quality sauce! 

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Delicious Soy sauce

Product Highlights

  • 701 Soy Sauce is naturally-brewed - no chemical processing.
  • Filtered though a 5-stage process over six months - extra clean finish!
  • Available in two sizes: 500ml and 930ml 

Sempio Yangjo Soy Sauce 701 - Product Matrix - Gochujar
Product In Brief

Full Ingredients List

Water, Soybean, Wheat, Sea Salt,
Oligodang Syrup, Fermented Alcohol, Yeast, Licorice Extract

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 2 years

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, keep in refrigerator

      What to Make

      Use in virtually any Korean dish

      Raw dishes: Sushi, Namul Banchans, Salads

      Dotorimuk Salad, Braised Tofu, Everyday Stir-fries

        About the Brand

        Sempio has been making Soy Sauce since 1946.

        It's Korea's oldest and most renowned Soy Sauce brand.

          What is Total Nitrogen Value?

          Total Nitrogen (T.N.) indicates how much soybean protein is found in Soy Sauce. As soybeans ferment, they release protein in the form of nitrogen. The longer the beans ferments, the more nitrogen it produces. A higher TN number indicates higher quality.

          1% is average | 1.3% is premium | 1.5 - 1.8% is super-premium
          Sempio's 701 Soy Sauce is 1.7% >> Super Premium 

          How is it advertised in Korea?

          "To the person who got their finger pinched inventing Gangjang Gejang
          (Soy Sauce Marinated Crab), we honor you!"

          Product faq

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          About The Brand

          Sempio is Korea's oldest and most renowned Soy Sauce brand. It has over 65% of the entire market. Their soy sauces have a reputation for exceptional quality and taste. Start with this brand if you're new to Korean cooking.   

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