[Primera] Men's Organience Essential Korean Skincare Set


Primera - Men's Organience Essential Skinset 

For Men, Daily Skincare!

[Primera] Men's Organience Essential Korean Skincare Set

If your man is the type that washes his face with bar soap or whatever you're using...

Do him a favor and get him a Korean Skincare Set!

Once it's there in front of him, he will use it.

Today, we're introducing Primera's Men Organience Essential Skincare Set:

The popular set includes their signature (1) water toner + (2) moisturizing emulsion.

He'll appreciate that the toner quickly absorbs into the skin like water and that the moisturising emulsion is not heavy or sticky. 

In fact, this is the same skincare set that I've been using for the last year - applying it once after my morning shower and once more after rinsing before bed. 

If your partner asks what Primera is? 

Primera is a famous Korean beauty brand that specializes in using germinating seeds and sprouts for skincare. 

Why germinating seeds? That's when seeds have the most amount of nutrition and vitality in them.  

What else? This set is recommended for all skin types. It also has a subtle outdoor floral/citrus/woody scent that men will appreciate.

Consider it as a gift for your boyfriend, husband or family member.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Korean Skin Toner & Moisturizing Cream for Men
  • Set includes a total of 9 samples - experience Primera's signature products
  • Recommended for any skin type: normal, dry, oily & combination
  • Works well as a gift for boyfriend, brother or dad!

- [Primera] Men's Organience Essential Set -

What's included? 

 1. Men's Organience Treatment Water

Skin Toner

Volume: 180 ml

Editor's Note: Light, Watery - absorbs into skin like water

Fragrance: Citrus, Woody & Outdoor - good scent for men

Directions: Apply after rinsing your face in the mornings & evening

2. Men's Organience Moisturizing Emulsion


Volume: 150 ml

Editor's Note: Light, slightly dewy feel 

Fragrance: Citrus, Woody & Outdoor - good scent for men

Directions: Use after applying Organience Treament Water

3. Men's  Organience Experience Set (Sampler)

Sampler Set includes 5 items: Organience Water, Emlusion, Serum, Eye Cream & Cream

But wait... there's more!

You'll get an additional 4 samples!

Primera Cleansing Foam +  Facial Mild Peel + Alpine Berry Water Toner + Primera Facial Mask

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About The Brand

Primera is a Korean skincare brand that specializes in extracting rich nutrients from germinating seeds and sprouts. They have done extensive research into 500+ seeds from across the world and identified key ingredients for improving skin health & beauty.

That's it folks!