[Pout] Hands 6 Personal Fan

[Pout] Personal Fan

Premium Mini Air Fan with Foldable Handle

[Pout] Hands 6 Personal Fan

In Asia, these personal fans are a godsend - especially during the summer months!

Once July hits, the humidity begins to creep into Seoul. When you step out the house, you'll feel the sweat drops trickling down your neck, your make-up start to run, and your temper grow shorter and shorter...

Pout's Hands 6 Personal Fan is here to help! It's a sleek, handheld mini fan that you can carry around while you're out-and-about in the city. It also doubles as a stand - so you can set it down on your desk at work.

The key selling point with this product is its quality. They're many plastic cheap fans that are sold on the streets. But this product is the best-in-class. It was built with the small details in mind. First off, the fan has an ergonomic matte finish which provides comfort and a great grip (it doesn't feel light and cheap). Second, it has a built-in lithium battery which is rechargeable (no need to constantly buy batteries). Third, there is a LED Button that allows for 4 adjustable fan speeds. And finally, it has a hinged stand with a silicone stopper on the bottom to keep the fan standing firm in place.

If you live in a city with very humid weather, keep your cool with a personal fan!

Available in two colors: Cotton White & Midnight Blue

Product Highlights

  • Sleek, well-designed Mini Air Fan - keep cool while you're walking in the city
  • Has a hinged handle which allows you to set the fan firmly on your desk
  • 4 fan speed levels available: Extreme Low / Low / Medium / High
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - no need to buy AA batteries
  • Available in 2 colors: Cotton White & Midnight Blue


...OR set on desktop

Available in 2 colors


Color: (1) Cotton White & (2) Midnight Blue

Size: W 105 mm x L 39 mm H 205 mm

Weight: 95 grams

Battery Life: ~1000 full recharges

Charging Time: 3 hr 40 minutes (average)

Usage time (based on full charge): 18 hours on low speed ~ 2 hours on highest speed

What comes in the box?

1. USB Cable (for charging)

2. Hand-strap

3. Hands 6 Personal Fan

4. Box (includes usage information)

How do I clean the fan?

1. Use a small flat-tip screwdriver and carefully push down on the safety hook. This will separate the top cover.

2. Wash the top cover under running water. The blades itself do not separate - so use wet wipes or a wet paper towel to clean them. 

3. After cleaning, carefully snap the top cover back onto the fan. (Note: If you get confused on which part is the top & bottom - the bottom part does not have any safety hooks)

Product faq

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Q: Does this have different levels of power?
Q: On a full battery, how long can I use the fan?
Q: Does this fan make noise?
Q: Can you provide more details on the battery?
Q: Is this heavy?
Q: Is this good quality?
Q: Is this made in Korea?

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About The Brand

Pout is a consumer tech brand operated by Bros & Company. Their hit products include Hands 6, a high-quality, personal fan. They believe in creating aesthetic products that are effective in shaping the daily experiences of its customers. 

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