[Poongwon] Germanium Silkmi Rice


Poongwon - Silkmi Rice

Cultivated in Germanium-Enriched Soil  

[Poongwon] Germanium Silkmi Rice

Today we introduce a very special rice from a seaside village far south of Korea, from Gyeongju!

The area has a pristine, untouched environment with optimal conditions for harvesting rice. Poongwon's rice has a superior taste and texture - and is extremely rich in nutrients. That's because its cultivated in soil that's rich in organic germanium.

But exactly is organic germanium? It's a mineral that research has shown to boost immunity by increasing natural killer cells and white blood cells. It also helps inhibit the growth of parasites and cancer cells within the body while improving bone health and lowering blood pressure.

While it boasts many health benefits, this mineral is extremely rare! In fact, it's only found in a few spots around the world (Congo, Namibia & Kentucky, USA) - typically deep down in coal and nickel mines. After decades of mining, Poongwon Corp found a germanium-rich lode in Korea, near a mountain range in Gyeongju. In fact, it turned out to be the world's largest germanium mine to date.

With this vast supply, Poongwon created organic germanium fertilizer and feed for farmers. It's widely sought after and distributed to select growers in Korea - as well as 4 foreign countries (Germany, Japan, Ukraine, and Taiwan). This special fertilizer has proven to be very effective in rejuvenating and revitalizing soil by absorbing excess saline and harmful gases - while promoting the growth of beneficial micro-bacteria.

Poongwon grows its rice in soil that's been cultivated with its organic germanium fertilizer. As a result, their rice is packed with nutrients and tastes absolutely delicious!

If you're looking to try premium Korean rice - this is a special one!

Customer Reviews

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Good but not great

Struggled with how to rate this because it's not that the rice is bad, but for that price markup the Golden Queen wins hands down. I didn't find the taste of this rice to be anything special, though the bottle container is handy.

Product Highlights

  • Rice grains are cultivated in soil that's been fertilized with organic germanium
  • Made with absolutely no chemical pesticides!
  • Packaged in easy-to-use container - fits nicely into refrigerator
  • 1 container has 1 kg

Korean short-grain rice naturally has trace amounts of germanium - about 0.0001 ppm

But Poongwon's rice boasts significantly more - 6.6pm!

Take a tour of Poongwon's Germanium 
Product In Brief

Product details

Germanium-rich, short-grain rice

Rice grade: Premium 


Germanium content: 6.6ppm

(vs 0.0001ppm in regular rice)

How to store

Before opening, store in a cool, dry area
After opening, store in the refrigerator


Officially Certified as Pesticide-Free

Product faq

Q: Can you tell me more details about Germanium?
Q: Where should I store this?
Q: Where's it made?

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About The Brand

Poongwon's germanium mine is the largest in the world - spanning 1350 meters. It's estimated to hold 45 million tons of high-quality germanium at 99.9% purity. Poongwon uses its germanium to create fertilizer and feed. They also carry premium rice, apple and cucumber that have been raised in germanium-enriched soil. 

That's it folks!