[Palkin] Tiger Tteokbokki Dipping Sauce

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A Dab of Tteokbokki Flavor

[Palkin] Tiger Tteokbokki Dipping Sauce

When you're watching late-night Korean drama and the scene cuts to a delicious plate of Tteokbokki... you start getting cravings!

What to do? It takes too long to cook Tteokbokki from scratch. Yet, your stomach wants something spicy! This is exactly what Palkin's Tiger Tteokbokki is made for!

It's a spicy Tteokbokki dipping sauce that goes well with just about any finger foods - leftover pizza, fried chicken, fried rice, kimbap, hot-dog, donkatsu or even potato chips. This sauce brings out that Korean flavor!

We were very impressed by the flavor of this sauce - it tastes very similar to the Tteokbokki served at Korean Pojang Machas (Street Carts).

If you love that Tteokbokki flavor, this may become your go-to condiment!

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for when you're craving something spicy - spread it over anything!
  • Authentic Tteokbokki flavor - spicy, savory and addictive
  • Use it as a dip or sauce on fried chicken, fried rice, pizza, chips and donkatsu
  • Available in Original (310g) or Extra Spicy (310g)

Ah, I'm craving Tteokbokki! 

When's its late at night, and you come across a scene on TV or YouTube, 
where a person is deliciously eating a plate of Tteokbokki...

It's too late to order delivery,
but you're craving something spicy!

Why is it named Tiger Tteokbokki Sauce? 

Korea was called the Land of the Tigers!

The first thought about a tiger is it's ferociousness...
But in the old days, tigers were believed to be a bearer of happiness.

Likewise, we believe our Tteokbokki Sauce will bring you moments of happiness.

Available in 2 flavors

Original Flavor (Red): Spicy with a slightly-sweet after taste

Extra-Spicy Flavor (Black): Very Spicy, Piquant Kick with a slighly-sweet after taste

What should I eat it with? 

Fried Chicken

Fried Rice

Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly)

Kimbap or Sushi Rolls

Corn Dogs

Potato Chips

Donkatsu (Fried Pork Cutlet)


Odeng (Fish Cake)


Contains NO MSG!

We made this Tteokbokki Sauce with your health in mind. 
Absolutely no MSG in our sauce.

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About The Brand

Palkin is a new, hip food brand from Korea. Their vision is to create Korea's most premium-grade ramen. Their current ramens include Lobster Ramen and Hanwoo Beef Ramen. Palkin is also the creator of the mega-hit product Ramen Tea Bags.

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