[Ottogi] Toasted Sesame Oil


Ottogi Sesame Oil

Korea's #1 Best-Selling Sesame Oil

[Ottogi] Toasted Sesame Oil

Ottogi's Toasted Sesame Oil has been the #1 Best-Selling Sesame Oil in Korea - for 26 years!

This Sesame Oil has a deep, nutty aroma. Use it to to garnish Korean dishes or round-out aromatic flavors in Korean marinades. Ottogi uses an indirect heating process to toast its sesame seeds to just the right level. The toasted seeds are pressed and the oil is filtered 3x for an extra clean finish. This product is found in nearly every Korean pantry.聽

Note: Large Korean food companies - like Ottogi - import their sesame seeds from top sesame-producing countries. Ottogi imports from India, Pakistan and Ethiopia. The imported seeds are then toasted and pressed in Korea.

Note: This is a toasted sesame oil - which is the type of sesame oil used for everyday Korean cuisine. For an untoasted (cold-pressed) oil, click here.聽

Customer Reviews

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Ane S.S.
Premium sesame oil!

Very good sesame oil that has a deep flavour - perfect for Korean cooking and much better than the one that we buy here.

Product Highlights

  • Korea's best-selling sesame oil for 26 years!
  • Filtered 3x for a clean taste
  • Great price, large bottle (320ml)
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Product In Brief

Ingredients List

  • Toasted sesame seeds (100%)

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 2 years
  • Before opening, store in a cool, dry area
  • After opening, keep in a cool, dry area

What to Make

  • Various Namul Banchans
  • Bulgogi, Stir-fries, Korean Porridge
  • Bibimbap Sauce, Ssamjang

About the Brand

  • Ottogi is one of Korea's largest food conglomerates.
    They produce more than 1000 items! 
    It's a well-trusted, staple brand in Korea.

What does Sesame Oil taste like? 

Korean Sesame Oil is made by pressing toasted sesame seeds (left). It's one of the most distinctive, fragrant and flavorful oils in cooking - a very deep, nutty aroma.

So why's it used so often in Korean cooking? Sesame oil does a great job in "rounding-out" the sharp notes of garlic, soy sauce or chili peppers. It brings all the flavors together. Think about it as the underlying bass riff in a song!

Product faq

Q: Is this cold-pressed, pressed or distilled?
Q: Where is this product made/bottled?

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About The Brand

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Ottogi is one of Korea's largest food conglomerates. They produce over 1000 items, ranging from ready meals to condiments. Ottogi is a well-trusted household brand in Korea.

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