[ORLY] Organic Brown Rice Snack

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ORLY - Organic Brown Rice Snack

Organic, Low-Calorie, In-Between Meals

[ORLY] Organic Brown Rice Snack

Made from organic ingredients, this Brown Rice Snack is a delicious and healthy snack for the whole family.

It's made by聽puffing organic brown rice grains via pressure and heat. The puffed pieces are then tossed in a light drizzle of聽organic rice grain syrup (called jochung in Korean). The sticky mixture is left to dry and then cut into mini bite-sized pieces.

Best of all .. its only 135 kcal per serving!

What we like most about this聽snack聽is the聽texture of the puffs. It's crunchy without any of the staleness you get from other brands. Plus its not overly sweet!

Note: Comes in a large package聽(350 grams).

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Product Highlights

  • Organic snack - something for the whole family to munch on
  • Grains are popped in 2 stages - once under pressure, then via heat (to make them extra puffy)
  • Low calories snack - great to munch on in between meals
  • Large-sized bag (350 grams)

Full Ingredients List:

Organic Rice Grain Syrup, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Sugar

100% Organic Certification

Certified Organic by Korean Ministry of Food 

This certification is given to products that contains at least 95% organically produced ingredients. 

Nutrition Label

350g in total | Serving Size 30g 
115 kcal per serving

Per Serving (30g)% of daily value
Sodium 35mg2%Total Fat 0.9g2%
Carbohydrates 26g8%     Trans Fat 0g
     Sugar 9g9%     Saturated Fat 0.1g 1%
Protein 1g 2%Cholesterol 0mg0%

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