[Notdam] Traditional Korean Yugi Chopstick Set - Moon Design - (2 Sets & 4 Sets)

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 [Notdam] Brass Chopstick Set

Bring tradition to the kitchen

[Notdam] Traditional Korean Brass Chopstick Set (Moon Design)

Yugi - aka Korean brassware - is back in demand.

Traditionally, every household in Korea owned a complete set of brassware. From tableware to cutlery, brass was the material of choice for its superb quality, beautiful luster and delicacy. In the old days, Koreans used porcelain bowls during the summer to add lightness and freshness to the table. But during the winter, it was swapped out with brassware. It's shiny, golden color makes food look more appetizing. And it retains heat better - preventing foods from getting cold.

After the Korean war, the era of consumer plastic ushered in and the majority of brassware factories went bankrupt. The few that survived kept the craft alive and still produce brassware in the traditional way. 

Notdam is famous for its modern take on traditional Korean Yugi.

Today, we feature their beautifully designed 'moon' spoon and chopstick set. The moon spoon is slim at the neck and extra wide at the head - giving it a more modern look.

Both utensils are made from the traditional bangjja method - which involves heating lumps of brass and beating them with hammers. Bangjja brassware is also made with precisely 78% Copper and 22% Tin. This ratio creates a type of brassware that is strong and does not bend or break easily. You'll notice the premium quality once it's in your hands.

If you're interested in traditional Korean tableware, start with this! It also makes for a beautiful, memorable gift!

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Product Highlights

  • Modern, elegant design - a touch of traditional Korea for the modern kitchen
  • Made with the golden ratio of 78% Copper and 22% Tin
  • Regraded as premium-grade - sold exclusively in Korean Department Stores
  • Works great as a birthday or wedding gift
  • Available in 2-Person, or 4-Person Sets
Product In Brief

Material Composition

78% Copper, 22% Tin

    Washing Tips

    Wash with warm water and soap

    Wipe off leftover water with a soft cloth before storing.

    (More details listed below)


      Spoon: 4.5 cm x 21.6 cm

      Chopstick: 0.5 cm x 22.3 cm

        About the Brand

        Notdam is a producer of Korean brassware - known as yuggi. Their designs are modern, elegant and bring a touch of tradition to modern kitchens. Notdam's products are regarded as premium-quality and sold in Korean department stores.

          Available in 2 Sizes

          2-Person Set

          2 x Spoon
          2 x pair of Chopsticks

          4-Person Set

          4 x Spoon
          4 x pair of Chopsticks

          Before your first use, do this step!

          Before using your brass utensils for the first time, do the following step:

          Fill a small tray with 1~2 cups or warm water - or just enough to submerge the utensils. Then add-in 2 Tablespoons of vinegar. Soak the utensils for 2 hours. Afterwards, use mild dishwasher soap and wash it off (it's ok to scrub with the dishwasher sponge). Then dry it off with a paper towel. Now, it's ready to use.

          This step removes any metallic taste from the brassware and illuminates the golden sheen of the brassware.

          How do I clean brassware? 

          1. On your first few uses, you may see imprints left on the inside or outside of your brassware. 

          2. Hand-wash it with soap and dishwasher sponge - just like you would for any other dish. Afterwards, wipe it down completely dry with a cloth or paper towel. If not, you will see water spots stain the metal. 

          3. To remove these water spots or other stains, use the back side of your dishwasher sponge (the rough, dark-green side). Then rub the stain while it's dry - without any water. You'll see black powder come off the surface - that's natural. Wipe it off and it should reveal the golden sheen of the brassware. 

          Product faq

          Q: Whats the composition of the material?
          Q: Do I have to "season" the brassware - or do anything else before my first use?
          Q: Where is this made?

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          About The Brand

          Notdam is a producer of Korean brassware - known as yuggi or bangjja. Their designs are modern, elegant and bring a touch of tradition into the modern kitchen. Notdam's products are regarded as premium grade and sold in Korean department stores.

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