[Notdam] 3-Piece Korean Yugi Brassware Set



Traditional hand-forged bronzeware

[Notdam] 3-Piece Korean Yugi Set 

Bangjja (also known as Yugi) is bronzeware that was used in the olden days of Korea to present food to the Royal Court. 

What separates Korean Bangjja from other brozenware is the alloy ratio between copper and tin - Banjja uses a ratio of 78% copper and 22% tin. This 22% tin is much higher than other brozenware, which is typically at a 1/9 ratio. Because of this difference, Banjja is known to be self-sterilizing!

This is why it was used as tableware for the royal families. If unnatural substance (like poison) was added to food, it would reveal itself as stains on the surface. Banjja brassware also retains heat well, making meals even more enjoyable.

During the Korean War, most of this traditional brassware were ravished or looted by Japanese soldiers. And after the war, stainless steel became the metal of choice for production due to its lower cost and ease of manufacturing. Banjja brassware required decades of craftsmanship to master.

In reverse, nowadays Bangjja has made a comeback in modern Korean life. Banjja servingware and cutlery has become the gift of choice for newlyweds. It represent a symbol of Korean history, culture and craftsmanship.

Today, we present to you a 1-Person Bangjja Hansik Set by Notdam. Notdam is one of Korea's Best-Selling Banjja brands and also the Winner of Korea's 2019 Customer Satisfaction Brand Awards (CSBA). Their products are labeled as very premium and sold in Korean department stores.

This is their signature set! It comes with a beautiful rice bowl, soup bowl and mini banchan. Please note that Banjja brassware lasts a lifetime - and its natural golden luster gets even brighter with longer usage!

(This 1-person set does not include the spoon and chopsticks shown in the picture. However, it is available as an add-on option).

Customer Reviews

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Its amazing!

The set is very high quality and really beautiful!


really nice bowl set. the bronze really retains the heat to keep the food hot.

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful, timeless design - made by a team of highly experienced bangjja craftsman
  • Certified authentic bangjja (yugi) - made from 78% Copper & 22% Tin 
  • Winner of Korea's 2019 Customer Satisfaction Brand Awards (CSBA)
  • 1-person set includes three pieces: Rice Bowl, Soup Bowl & Mini Banchan Plate
Traditional 1-Person Yugi Set
What's included in the Yugi Set?


9.4cm (dia) * 5.5cm (ht)

78% Copper / 22% Tin


12.2cm (dia) * 5.2cm (ht)

78% Copper / 22% Tin


10cm (dia) * 2.6cm (ht)

78% Copper / 22% Tin

Optional Add-On: Yuggi Chopstick Set

What's included?

1 x Yugi Spoon
1 x pair of Yugi Chopsticks

Excellence Award

Winner of Korea's 2019 Customer Satisfaction Brand Awards (CSBA)

Labeled as a 5-star brand

Before your first use, do this step!

Before using your brass utensils or bowls for the first time, do the following step:

Fill a small tray with 1~2 cups or warm water - or just enough to submerge the utensils. Then add-in 2 Tablespoons of vinegar. Soak the utensils or dishes for 2 hours. Afterwards, use mild dishwasher soap and wash it off (it's ok to scrub with the dishwasher sponge). Then dry it off with a paper towel. Now, it's ready to use.

This step removes any metallic taste from the brassware and illuminates the golden sheen of the brassware.

How do I clean brassware? 

1. On your first few uses, you may see imprints left on the inside or outside of your brassware. 

2. Hand-wash it with soap and dishwasher sponge - just like you would for any other dish. Afterwards, wipe it down completely dry with a cloth or paper towel. If not, you may see water spots stain the metal. 

3. To remove these water spots or other stains, use the back side of your dishwasher sponge (the rough, dark-green side). Then rub the stain while it's dry - without any water. You'll see black powder come off the surface - that's natural. Wipe it off and it should reveal the golden sheen of the brassware!

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Q: Do I have to "season" the brassware - or do anything else before my first use?
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

Notdam is a producer of Korean brassware - known as yuggi or bangjja. Their designs are modern, elegant and bring a touch of tradition into the modern kitchen. Notdam's products are regarded as premium grade and sold in Korean department stores.

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