[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox (Large)


[Lock & Lock] Large Dosirak - Jumbo

Rice, Main Dish & Banchans

[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox (Large) 

Drop the sandwich. Let's pack Korean food for lunch!

This is Lock & Lock's popular 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox. One story for the rice. One for a main dish. And another for banchans! With so many dishes, lunch becomes exciting again.

Lock & Lock containers are made with a special plastic called Polypropylene - which can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 120°C. This means it's safe for storing hot foods or liquids and reheating in the microwave (details in FAQ). The containers are also very easy to clean and durable - they won't break or crack with normal use.

The dosirak containers are much larger than the original version. Perfect for a packing a full, balanced meal. Add a stir-fry, banchans, main-dish and even some chopped fruit.

Bon Appetit!

Available in 1 color: Ivory

Customer Reviews

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Well Packaged, Promising, Perfect for Travel

The lunchbox came wrapped in bubble wrap. There was no chemical smell to the lunchbox or the compartments. You receive an ice pack as well; it was soft and will conform to whatever it is cooling. As far as branding, there is the LOCK&LOCK brand on the zippers and as a 3D component of the compartment lids and on the bottoms. The compartments come with a sticker on the lid that can be easily removed.I was initially concerned this lunchbox would be too big (Daniel may think there's no such thing) but I commute to work on the bus and wanted to make sure I didn't look like I brought half my pantry with me (don't wanna share!). The internal dimension of the lunchbox is about 185 mm (7.25 inches). One thing to note is that the three compartments are of separate sizes, with the largest one being being about 70mm (2.75 inches) and the two smaller ones being about 50mm (2 inches) each. This means that...If there's no Korean mom nearby to make you your banchans or you're not interested in a balanced diet, you could only use two of the three compartments and put your beverage in there as well! (This assumes your bottle or thermos is sealed properly and small enough). My insulated Klean Kanteen is about 210 mm (8.25 inches) and 75 mm (3 inches) wide and fits when I use the large compartment and one of the smaller compartments. There is no noticeable strain on the zipper when I zip it up like this, but it does roll around so maybe an apple or a clementine alongside the drink.Care instructions say to hand wash and dry in the shade. I will update in a few weeks with observations about how easily it stains and how it holds up but it looks promising!

Product Highlights

  • 3 large containers to fit a whole balanced meal
  • Fill with a rice, stir-fry, banchans and chopped fruit
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP) - can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 120°C  (safe for hot foods)
  • Perfect for packing lunch to work or school 
What's included?

3 Food Containers
(including snap-on lids)

Carry Bag

Show me the inside
How is this advertised in Korea?

Product faq

Q: What are the containers made of?
Q: Can I place hot foods into this plastic container?
Q: Is it safe to microwave the containers?
Q: Are the dividers in the banchan tray removable?
Q: Does this include chopsticks?

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About The Brand

Lock & Lock is South Korea's leading food container maker. They have a wide range of products - containers, cookware, tumbler and water bottles. They also produce Korean specific items like Kimchi containers and Dosirak Boxes.

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