[Land Farm] 100% Korea-Grown Wood Ear Mushroom

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[Gyeonggi Mushroom] Korean Gyeonggi Mushroom

100% Korean-Grown, Pesticide-Free

[Land Farm] 100% Korea-Grown Wood Ear Mushroom

Are you planning to make Japchae this weekend? Don't forget to pick-up a bag of Wood Ear Mushrooms!

As its name suggests, Wood Ear Mushrooms grow on wood (predominately on elder trees) and are shaped like ears. They are full of vitamin B1 and B2, minerals and antioxidants. In Korean cuisine, it's most commonly used as an ingredient in Japchae. But in Chinese homecooking, it's wildly popular and used in many stir-fries and salads.

By itself, the mushroom doesn't have much of any flavor. It usually takes on the flavor of a stir-fry sauce. But it does have a wonderfully crunchy texture with a slippery surface. This contrast in feel makes it one of our favorite veggies!

Today, we present you with Land Farm's Premium 100% Korea-Grown Wood Ear Mushrooms. It's grown without any pesticides (unlike imported ones from Chinese producers). That's because they are the first in Korea to master the technique of growing the mushrooms in the air! The mushrooms are grown in vertical soil pods that hang from the ceiling. Since they don't touch the ground, there is minimal exposure to pesky bugs or other pests.

The wood ear mushrooms are harvested at peak nutrition and immediately dried to maintain that fresh, crunchy texture. Before cooking, simply soak the dried mushrooms in cold water for 15-20 minutes. They will almost triple in size. Then use a pair of kitchen scissors to snip-off the small stem portion. It's now ready for use!

If you regularly cook stir-fries for evening meals, consider tossing-in some of these delicious and healthy mushrooms!

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Awesome mushrooms

Product Highlights

  • 100% Korean-Grown Wood Ear Mushrooms
  • Grown in vertical soil pods - eliminates the need for pesticides (Pesticide-free!)
  • High-quality grade - very clean, firm and chewy texture
  • 1 Bag contains 60 grams
Wood Ear Mushroom
Who is the grower?

The CEO and grower is Mr. Choi Sung Woo 

He has over 20+ year of experience in growing Wood Ear Mushroom

He explains the benefits of vertical farming in this video

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Q: Is this dried wood ear mushrooms?
Q: How much should I use for a 2-person stir-fry?
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

LandFarm is a local mushroom grower from Gyeonggi-do that specializes in Wood Ear Mushrooms. They are the first in Korea to master vertical farming - which allows them to grow their mushrooms without pesticides. The owner has over 25 years of growing experience and a passion for mushrooms. 

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