[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju Rice (Jinmi Variety) - 4kg


[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju Rice (Jinmi Variety) - 4kg

Savory & Tasty, Premium Korean Rice

[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju聽Rice聽- 4kg Bag

Today, we introduce the rice brand that we eat and regularly recommend to others here in Korea!

It鈥檚 a premium-grade rice strain cultivated in Yeoju.

(Yeoju is the first region in Korea to be specially designated for rice cultivation, research and advancement - the area receives deeps sunshine throughout the year and benefits from natural, nutrient-dense soil).

This rice variety from Yeoju is called聽Jinmi (歆勲).

This Jinmi rice strain was developed in 2009 by Korea's聽Farming聽Development Association (雴嶌磳歆勴潵觳) and has since become a mainstay聽in Korea for people looking for a聽more premium-grade rice.聽

You'll notice聽the difference in quality when the rice is聽cooked.

Open the rice cooker and you'll聽notice a shiny gloss gleam across the surface.聽

The rice聽itself聽has a wonderfully chewy and sticky texture. With a savory and slightly sweet flavor. (Did we mention - it's very easy to digest!)

You'll also notice that the individual rice grains retains their shape. They don't turn smush into each other and turn gummy.

This rice is great for everyday Korean meals.

But really shines in rice bowls like bibimbap or聽deobap (as the rice grains stay firm and hold their shape in heat well).聽

If you want to switch-out the rice from your local mart and try a premium strain from Korea, we highly recommend this Yeoju-native rice!

This rice is offered in a large 4kg bag (~9lbs).

If you eat Korean (or Asian) food regularly, this will be used up in no time!

Store the rice in a cool, dry area of your pantry. For longer keeping, place into a container and store in refrigerator.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium short-grain, white rice - grown in Yeoju, Korea
  • Jinmi rice strain (developed in 1999) has become a best-selling, premium rice strain in Korea 
  • Has a shiny, glossy finish with savory and slightly-sweet flavor
  • Available in a large 4kg bag (9lbs) - perfect size if you cook Korean (Asian) food regularly!

[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju Rice - Jinmi (4 kg)

Carrying on Yeoju's Tradition of Growing Premium Rice... 

This is King Yeoju's Jinmi Rice. 

Size: 4kg

What makes Yeoju special? 

Yeoju has a local climate that represents Korea's climate - mellow sunlight with distinct seasons (ideal for growing rice).

The Paldang waters of Yeosu - where the rice is grown -  is an officially protected zone for rice farming.

There, the soil contains a high organic content % - yielding nutrient-dense rice.

As such, Yeoju has become the first region in Korea to be designated for rice harvesting & research.

Check the label

Rice grade: Premium

Rice strain: Jinmi

Weight: 4 kg

Producer Name: Yeoju Farms

Rice Origin: Yeoju (Gyeonggi Province)

Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dry area of your pantry.

For extended keep, store in your refrigerator.

Avoid keeping in humid or sunny areas!

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