[Kanggojip] Thin Wheat Flour Noodles (Somyeon)

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85 years of experience

[Kanggojip] Thin Wheat Noodles (Somyeon)

Poongkuk is widely recognized as Korea's best noodle manufacturer.

They've been in business since 1933, which translates to 85+ years of experience in noodle making! Needless to say, they've perfected the art of making traditional Korean noodles. This manufacturer doesn't sell direct to consumers. Instead, they wholesale their noodles to select stores in Korea like Kanggojip - a natural health foods store.

So what exactly is Somyeon noodles? It's very thin noodles that are made from wheat flour. They're used in iconic Korean noodle dishes like Janchi-Guksu (잔치국수), Konguksu (콩국수) and Bibim-Guksu (비빔국수). If you're unfamiliar with these noodles dishes, take a look below.

Somyeon noodles are delicate, chewy and pick up surrounding flavors well. If you've been wanting to try home-made Korean noodle dishes, this is an easy choice!

Product Highlights

  • Made by Korea's Best & Oldest Noodle Manufacturer - Poongkuk Noodles 
  • Flour is made from wheat that is grown pesticide-free 
  • Use it to make Janchi-Guksu, Kong-Guksu, Bibim-Guksu and more...
  • 1 Box = 500 grams (5 person serving)

What can i make with somyeon noodles?

Janchi-Guksu (잔치국수)

Bibim-Guksu (비빔국수)

Kong-Guksu (콩국수)

Golbaengi-Muchim (골뱅이무침)

Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

  • Wheat flour, Salt

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 2 years
  • Before opening, store in a cool, dry area
  • After opening, store in a cool, dry area

What to Make

  • Janchi-guksu (Korean Banquet Noodles)
  • Kong-guksu (Soy Milk Noodle Soup)
  • Bibim Myeon (Spicy Mixed Noodles)

About the Brand

  • Kanggojip is a premium health foods store that sells Poongkuk Noodles. They specialize in natural seasoning powders and broth tea bags.
Boiling Instructions

01Fill a pot of water with 3.5 cups of water. Bring it up to boil on high heat. Place in your noodles and set a timer for 3 minutes 40 seconds.
[Important note: Foam will rise to the surface. To prevent it from spilling over, simply pour-in a few dashes of cold water. The foam will die back down and rise again. Repeat this process until the timer is up]

02After the time is up, drain the noodles. Wash under running cold water - give it 2 or 3 good rinses (until the noodle is cold). 

03Add the noodles to your broth, sauce or other recipe you have prepared. Bon Appetit! 

How are Somyeon Noodles made? 

A quick overview of how Somyeon Noodles are made.

Product faq

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Q: The foam is bubbling over... what do I do?
Q: What country is this made in?

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About The Brand

Kanggojip is a premium health foods store that sells Poongkuk Famous Noodles. Kanggojip specializes in natural seasoning powders and seafood broth tea bags.

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