[Kaesukang] Jeju Hangover Drink (6 cans)



Fresh ingredients from Jeju Island, Better Mornings!

[Kaesukang] Jeju Hangover Drink (6 cans)

Today we’re introduce another best-selling Hangover Drink in Korea!

This one is from Jeju Island and its it’s called Kaesukang (깨수깡).

What separates Kaesukang from other hangover drinks is that it’s made with fresh ingredients from Jeju Island.

The formula includes 7 ingredients from Jeju: Jeju Tangerines, Jeju Green Tea Leaves… + 5 types of seaweed!

The 5 types include… Jeju Sea mustard, Hijiki (brown sea vegetable), Red Ceylon Moss, Ecklonia Cava and Sargassum.

Why use seaweed?

Seaweed has been shown to have a protective mechanism on the liver. It helps to negate the effects of alcohol, helping to prevent nasty hangovers symptoms.

[Note: Other Korean hangover drinks are made primarily with Oriental Raisin Tree. Kaesukang also includes Oriental Raisin Tree in its formula, but enhances it effectiveness with a mix of natural seaweeds.

So what does it taste like?

No, it doesn’t taste like seaweed!

The seaweed extract is mixed with local Jeju Tangerines for a citrus taste, plus the beverage is carbonated.

It tastes like a fizzy orange drink, with a back-flavor of oriental herbs.

We recommend drinking one can before consuming alcohol (~30 minutes before)… or alternatively, take one can before you head to bed!

As you get older, it’s hard to justify idling in bed with a nasty hangover.

Take back your mornings with a can of Jeju's Kaesukang!

Available in a 6-can bundle.

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Product Highlights

  • Natural Hangover Drink - contains  7 natural ingredients from Jeju
  • Refreshing taste - includes Jeju Tangerine, along with carbonation
  • Prevent nasty hangover symptoms and start the next day! 
  • Go-to hangover remedy among locals in Jeju Island, Korea
  • Available in pack of 6 cans
Jeju Hangover Drinks (6 cans)

Jeju's secret for preventing hangovers...


Still enduring hangovers?

Stop! Use Kaesukang to prevent nasty hangovers and reclaim your mornings!

This drink formula uses local Jeju ingredients like Jeju tangerines, as well as 5 types of Jeju seaweeds

Nutritional Info:

1 can contains 85 calories

Sodium 15 mg (1%), Carbohydrates 21g (6%), Sugar 21g (21%), Fat 0g (0%)

Trans-fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

Recommended for nights when...

"Last exams finished... it's time to party!"

"I can't risk having a severe hangover tomorrow"

"I have to drink with the boss"

"I have trouble sleeping when I'm drunk - the stomach aches!"

"Help my partner from getting overly drunk in social settings"

"I gotta close this business deal tonight - bottles up!"

This hangover drink is made with fresh, natural ingredients from Jeju Island:

Green Tea, Seaweed (Sea Mustard), Hijiki (Brown Sea Vegetable), Red Ceylon Moss

Ecklonia Cava (Brown Alga), Sargassum (Brown Macro-Algae)

These ingredients are mixed with carbonated water + Jeju tangerines for a refreshing flavor!

Cans are small and fit inside any purse or backpack

Save yourself the next day... by using a hangover drink!

How is it advertised in Korea?

"Still drinking that same, old terrible-tasting hangover drink?"

"Its time for the new & flavorful -- say hello to Jeju Tangerine with carbonation!"

Full Ingredients List:

Water, Sweetener, Mixed Oriental Herb & Seaweed Extract [Korean Dendropanax Leaves Extract (90%), Oriental Raisin Tree, Green Tea Leaves, Mixed Seaweed Extract {Seaweed, Hijiki, Red Ceylon Moss, Ecklonia Cava, Sargassum}], Carbon Dioxide (for carbonation), Honey, Oriental Raisin Tree Extract, Jeju Tangerine Extract, Citric Acid, Cyclodextrin Syrup, Taurine, Fragrance, Enzyme Treated Rutin

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