[Jirisan Chereum] Untoasted Perilla Oil

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Jirisan Chereum Sun Grown Perilla Oil

100% Korea-Grown

[Jirisan Chereum]聽Untoasted Perilla Oil

Jirisan Chereum has two key selling points:

The first is that they use only 100% Korea-Grown Perilla Seeds. Nearly all other Korean brands import their perilla seeds from abroad to keep prices low. However, Jirisan Chereum is a small local operation (owner shown below) that competes on quality. In fact, they grow their own perilla seeds in Korea, near the base of Jirisan Mountain. The company is in control of their entire oil production - from seed cultivation to oil extraction.聽聽

Second, their Perilla Oil is pressed-to-order. Unlike large food conglomerates, Jirisan doesn't mass-produce their oil at one time. Instead, they press just enough seeds to fill each order. The perilla seeds are sightly toasted at a very low temperature and squeezed only once. The extracted oil is then filtered two times for a clean, superior taste.

Simply said, it's Korea's finest perilla oil.

Note: This is an聽untoasted聽perilla聽oil - which is聽reserved聽for salads, taken raw, or drizzled聽as a rice topping. For most everyday Korean聽recipes, we actually recommend聽using a聽toasted聽oil - click here.

Customer Reviews

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J (Acton, ENG)
Lovely nutty milky taste

I really like this. I was worried it might lack taste as it is un-toasted but it has a lovely distinct slightly nutty milky taste. To be honest It took me after 3rd time eating to like the taste of it as I am more used to the toasted sesame oil taste. I drizzled some to my brown basmati rice with salt. I love the taste now. I also try to put it to lukewarm food and no food that is hot as omega 3 is very fragile to heat.

Product Highlights

  • They grow their own perilla seeds - 100% Korea-grown! 
  • Perilla Oil is squeezed to order - not mass produced
  • Seeds are untoasted - oil retains its nutrition and Omega-3
  • Reputation as one of Korea's finest Perilla Oil
  • Size is 160 ml (small size, best quality)
Product In Brief

Ingredients List

Untoasted Perilla Seed Oil (100%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, keep in refrigerator

      What to Make

      Various Namul Banchan: Gosari, Spinach

      Various Korean Pancakes

      Gim, Salad Dressing, Fried Egg

        About the Brand

        Jirisan Chereum is a regional producer, specializing in cold-pressed perilla & sesame oils. They use only 100% Korean-grown seeds.

          How do I use Perilla Oil? 

          In Korea homecooking, perilla and sesame oil are often used as substitutes.

          But Perilla Oil is especially popular for tossing namul banchans like Eggplant Namul, Spinach Namul, Gosari Namul and Aster Namul. You can also use perilla oil to garnish dishes like Spicy Braised Tofu and Bibimbap. Or simply use a few drops on your eggs in the morning!

          Product faq

          Q: What country is this made in?
          Q: Why does this have such a golden color - different to other perilla oils?
          Q: After opening, can I simply store it in my pantry?

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          About The Brand

          Jirisan Chereum is a regional producer that specializes in Sesame and Perilla Oil. They grow their own seeds in Korea - near Jirisan Mountain. Their oils are regarded as super premium-quality and sold in Korean Department Stores.

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