[HHD] Korean Wedding Ducks - Premium Family Set


Traditional Korean Aesthetics

[HHD] Korean Wedding Ducks - Premium Family Set

In traditional Korean culture, mandarin ducks are considered auspicious birds and are regarded as the most important gift in weddings.

Since ancient times, mandarin ducks have symbolized the trust and harmony of a married couple because they pair for life.

The elegant design of these ducks has been recreated using 3D printing, showcasing HHD's unique wooden duck form.

Without elaborate patterns or decorations, these wooden ducks exude a simple yet dignified charm.

Each wooden duck is finished with a natural lacquer called ‘ottchil (옻칠)’, used in Korea since ancient times. 

Ottchil doesn't just add shine; it forms a durable layer that preserves the duck's appearance over time. It also helps maintain a constant moisture level by absorbing and releasing external humidity.

This natural lacquer excels at preserving the original shape of items. Though the process is complex and only a few craftsmen master it, a well-made ottchil product remains unchanged for centuries.

This makes ottchil the perfect finish for the wooden ducks, symbolizing enduring love.

The pair of beautiful wooden ducks is wrapped in a traditional Korean fabric called nobang (노방), which has a subtle shimmer.

Place this elegant pair of ducks in a corner of your home to share in the life of a newlywed couple.

Wooden ducks, symbolizing happiness and harmony, make a special gift for any couple preparing for marriage.

Choose from 3 premium fabric colors:

- Deep Blue Fabric + White Ribbon 
- Pale Jade-Green Fabric + Purple Ribbon
- Soft Pink Fabric + Green Ribbon

Also choose from 3 various family configurations

- 2 Adult Ducks
- 2 Adult Ducks + 1 Child Duck
- 2 Adult Ducks + 2 Child Ducks

Note: This premium duck set is larger in size than the regular collection. 

Premium duck set = 19cm (length) x 8.5cm (height), 5.5cm (thickness)
Regular duck set = 14cm (length) x 6.5cm (height), 4.5cm (thickness)

Made in Korea.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Korean Mandarin Wedding Ducks - Crafted in Korea
  • Adorned in Traditional Korean Fabric (Nobang 노방)
  • A simple yet elegant object, embodying the essence of traditional Korean aesthetics
  • Great Korean gift for all kinds of families: newlyweds, families of three, and families of four
  • Available in three fabric colors - choose your favorite!

[HHD] Korean Wedding Ducks - Premium Family Set


These Lacquered Wooden Duck offers a simple yet elegant object, embodying the essence of traditional Korean aesthetics.

These graceful wooden ducks, adorned in traditional Korean fabric, make the perfect wedding / house-warming gift!


We have prepared three wooden ducks, each wrapped in a different type of traditional Korean fabric (노방 nobang).

We recommend these as special gifts to convey wishes of happiness and harmony.

Choose from 3 premium fabric colors


①  Deep Blue & White Ribbon

②  Pale Jade-Green & Purple Ribbon

③  Soft Pink & Green Ribbon

Choose from various family configurations


For Newlyweds & Couples

- 2 Adult Ducks


Family of 3

- 2 Adult Ducks + 1 Child Duck


Family of 4

- 2 Adult Ducks + 2 Child Ducks


3D printed, then hand-polished


Coated with Ottchil lacquer coating to to ensure its appearance remains unchanged over time


Wrapped in traditional Korean cloth (노방)


Product Dimensions 

 Length:  ~19cm (measured from the head) // Height: ~8.5cm // Thickness: ~5.5cm

Material: Ott Natural Wood // 100% Polyester Fabric 

Made in Korea 

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