[Haechandle] Traditional Doenjang (500g)


[Haechandle] Traditional Doenjang

Steady-Selling, Delicious & Smooth

[Haechandle] Traditional Doenjang

Haechandle is a food brand owned by CJ Cheiljedang, one of Korea’s largest food conglomerates.

Today we offer their Traditional Doenjang.

This has been of Korea’s steady-selling doenjang products for 14 years!

You’ll find it in every market in Korea - it’s become a standard product when Koreans think of doenjang..

Korean doenjang has a pungency in flavor - as it’s made by fermenting soybeans over months.

However, this doenjang product is less pungent that others - certainly much less than that of artisan brands..

It’s rated 2/5 in pungency by Haechandle.

This doenjang is salty with a gentle umami flavor and a smooth texture (not chunky).

If you’re new to Korean cuisine, this is a baseline doenjang for making Doenjang Jjigae at home.

Please store in refrigerator after opening.

Available in 500g container.

(Editor note: Large food companies like CJ Cheiljedang typically import soybeans from abroad for their products. This doenjang is not made with korea-grown soybeans.)

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Product Highlights

  • One of Korea's steady-selling doenjang for 14 years
  • Mild pungency, smooth texture, classic taste
  • Use it to make everyday doenjang jjigae
  • Available in 500g jar

[Haechandle] Traditional Doenjang (500g)

[Haechandle] Traditional Doenjang

One of Korea's Top-Selling Doenjang for 14 years (by volume)

Smooth texture, mild pungency & umami flavor

Size: 500 grams

Haechandle Traditional Deonjang has the lowest level of pungency

Rated 2/5 on pungency - smooth & mild

Full Ingredients list:

Doenjang [Soybeans, Soybean Powder, Salt, Wheat Rice, Meju Powder}, Haechandle Meju Doenjang {Soybeans, Salt, Meju Doenjang [Soybeans, Salt, Soybean Powder]}, Spirits, Water, Vegetable Extract A, Textured Soy Protein, Salt, MSG

Nutrition Info (% of daily value)

Every 100g contains 180 calories

Every 100 grams contains:

Sodium 4,910mg (246%), Carbohydrates 19g (6%), Sugar 9g (9%), Fat 6g (11%), Transfat 0g, Saturated Fat 0.9g (6%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 13g (24%)

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