[Green Fields] Organic White Rice - Golden Queen 3 (2kg)

[Green Fields] Organic Rice - Golden Queen No 3

Popcorn aroma, chewy texture

[Green Fields] Organic White Rice - Golden Queen 3 (2kg)

This is a premium-grade, rice breed developed by Korea!

For those who are not familiar with rice - there are over 40,000 different breeds of rice!

Yes, 40,000.

However - for simplicity - rice is often labeled down to "white-rice" or "brown rice".

But within those broad categories lies specific breeds - if you care to inspect.

Today, we introduce a Korean rice breed that was developed after 20 years of research & experimentation in Korea. 

The rice breed is called Golden Queen No 3!

Golden Queen No 3 is a short-grain, white rice - suitable for everyday Korean meals.

It was created by breeding a rare rice breed that grown high in the Himalaya Mountains, along with a premium-grade Korean rice breed. 

The result is something special.

Golden Queen No 3 rice gives-off an appetizing, "popcorn" smell/aroma when it cooks.

This rice grains cook plump, taste very savory, and have a chewy texture. 

When the rice tastes this good, you don't need alot of banchans (side dishes).

Morever, this rice retains its texture for up to 24 hours after cooking (it doesn't dry out or turn mushy).

Finally, it is certified organic - grown without chemical pesticides, additives or other synthetic chemicals.

If you want to try one of Korea's best rice strains, this is it! 

Available in 2kg bag (perfect for newlyweds and singles).

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Product Highlights

  • Korean short-grain, white rice - perfect for everyday  meals 
  • Golden Queen No. 3 releases a popcorn scent when cooked - very appetizing!
  • Rice retains its savory taste and chewy texture - even 24 hours after cooking!
  • When cooked, this rice has a shiny, glossy sheen (premium quality)
  • Available in 2kg bag (~4.5 lbs) - perfect size for newlyweds or solo-livers.

[Green Fields] Organic White Rice
Golden Queen No. 3 (2kg)

Golden Queen No. 3 is a Korean short-grain, white rice

Developed after 20 years of research

This Golden Queen No. 3 rice strain was developed in Korea after 20 years of research in rice development. 

It was created by breeding a rare rice strain found in the Himalaya Mountains, along with a premium-grade Korean rice breed.

The result is a premium-grade rice, with a chewy texture and savory flavor!

Best of all, this rice is grown organically - without any chemical pesticides or synthetic additives! 

Signature Popcorn Aroma!

When the rice cooks, you'll smell a popcorn scent/aroma.

It's a welcoming and familiar smell that invites everybody to the kitchen.

Take a look at the finished rice (image above) - a shiny gloss, with distinct, plump grains!

This rice will also retains its delicious texture - even 24 hours after cooking (when kept warm in rice cooker)

What does the label say?

Certification: Organic

Quality: Premium-grade

Size: 2kg

Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dry area of your pantry.

For extended keep, store in your refrigerator.

Avoid keeping in humid or sunny areas!

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