[Gae Seong] Toasted Sesame Oil

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Gae Seong Premium Sesame Oil

100% Premium Sesame Oil 

[Gae Seong] Toasted Sesame Oil

Gae Seong is a regional Korean brand producing 100% Sesame Oil. 

Gae Seong's Sesame Oil has a deep, nutty taste with an extra-clean finish. They toast the sesame seeds to just the right level and squeeze the seeds just once. This sesame oil works beautifully as a garnish on bibimbap or any stir-fried dishes. 

Gae Seong puts all of its oils through a 5-stage filtering process. One glance and you'll notice that there aren't any specks of seeds in the glass bottle. This is in contrast to oil from larger food conglomerates (which are typically filtered 3 times) and have a layer of sediment at the bottom. Gae Seong has a strong reputation in Korea for having premium quality oils and is sold on the shelves at Korean department stores. 

Note: Gae Seong procures its sesame seeds from India - the top sesame-seed producing country in the world. The sesame seeds are then processed, toasted and pressed into oil in Korea.

Note: This is a toasted sesame oil - which is the preferred type of sesame oil for everyday Korean 
recipes. If you're interested in untoasted sesame oil, click here.

Customer Reviews

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T D.
Very nice!

It was my first time trying it out and I guess I had to get used to the taste. It adds a lot of flavor to the dish but start by adding tiny amounts to it.The product itself came to me in very good packaging condition, so overall I am a happy customer ^_^

Product Highlights

  • Sold in Korean Department Stores - solid reputation for its premium quality & taste
  • Sesame oil is filtered 5x for a clean, refined taste
  • This product is 180 mL
[Gae Seong] Premium Sesame Oil - Product Matrix - Gochujar
Product In Brief

Ingredient List

  • Toasted Sesame Seeds (100%)

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 1 year 3 months
  • Before opening, store in a cool, dry area
  • After opening, keep in refrigerator

What to Make

  • Various Namul Banchans (Gosari, Namul, Spinach, Bellroot)
  • Spicy Braised Tofu, Bulgogi, K-BBQ dishes
  • Bibimbap, Roasted Seaweed

About the Brand

  • Gae Seong is a regional producer,
    specializing in sesame and perilla oil production
    They have 20+ years of pressing experience.

What does Sesame Oil taste like?

Korean Sesame Oil is made by pressing toasted sesame seeds (left image). It's one of the most distinctive, fragrant and flavorful oils in cooking - a very deep, nutty aroma.

So why's it used so often in Korean cooking? Sesame oil does a great job in "rounding-out" the sharp notes of garlic, soy sauce or peppers. It brings all the flavors together. Think of it as the bass riff in a song!

Product faq

Q: Where are the sesame seeds from?
Q: Where is this product made?
Q: Is this cold-pressed, pressed or distilled?

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About The Brand

Gae Seong Logo - Gochujar

Gae Seong is a regional producer in Korea with more than 20 years of oil-pressing experience. They specialize in premium sesame and perilla oils. Their oils are sold as premium goods in Korean department stores.

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