[Dong-A-Pharma] Morning Care (5 Bottles)


Dong-A-Pharma Morning Care

Prevent Nasty Hangovers

[Dong-A-Pharma] Morning Care 

It's Korea's hidden secret. A drink formula to prevent nasty hangovers! That's right - it does exist. The beverage makes use of traditional ingredients like raisin extract, milk thistle, lotus, red ginseng or RSE to either (1) metabolize alcohol more quickly or (2) break down the toxins produced by the liver when drinking. 

Morning Care is among the Top-3 Best-Selling Hangover drinks. The primary active ingredient in this drink is RSE, a natural ingredient extracted from Rice Germ and Soybean. Tests have shown that RSE boosts liver functions and significantly aids your body in detoxifying after a long night of drinking. The drink itself has an earthy, slightly herbal-medicine flavor. For best results, drink the bottle before consuming alcohol.

Does it really work? Yes, we've tried it many times and it's very effective in preventing a hangover. Of course, you won't wake-up feeling 100% - that's impossible! But you'll feel good enough to carry on with your day.

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Product Highlights

  • Active ingredients include RSE and Milk Thistle - boosts liver functions for a quicker recovery
  • One of the Top-3 Best Selling Hangover Drinks in Korea
  • Each bottle is 100ml
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

RSE, Honey, Guarana Extract,

Milk Thistle, Xylitol, Arrowroot Extract, Alder Tree Extract 

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 2 years

    Store in refrigerator. Serve chilled.

      What to Make

      Drink entire bottle before consuming alcohol.

        About the Brand

        Dong-A Pharmaceutical specializes in OTC drugs and functional health foods. They produce the hit products Bacchus Energy Drink & Morning Care Hangover Drink.

          What exactly is RSE?

          RSE is a fermented product comprised of rice germ, rice bran and soybean peptide that has been fermented by Saccharomyces (or Issatchenkia). The active ingredient of RSE is Inositol, which has also shown to enhance liver functions and reduces hangover symptoms. This ingredient is often used - in combination with other herbal ingredients - in Korean Hangover drinks and health supplements.  

          How is this marketed in Korea? 

          "In Corporate Korea, employees are socially required to participate in after-hour drinking with their colleagues. 
          Often times, the boss goes one too many rounds. If you're stuck in this situation, what to do?"

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          About The Brand

          Donga-A-Pharma specializes in OTC drugs and functional health foods. They have built a strong brand and reputation on their hit-products: Bacchus Energy Drink and Morning Care Hangover Drink.

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