[Chilmong] Ultra Premium Wave Ottchil Chopsticks (1 Set)


[Chilmong] Premium Wave Ottchil Chopstick - Set

K-Ribbon Award Winner, Premium Collection

[Chilmong] Ultra Premium Wave Ottchil Chopstick Set

This is one of Chilmong's ultra-premium collections.

The mesmerizing waves that roll over the chopsticks are inspired by Korea's natural coastline - the water reflect different colors over the four seasons. 

This ultra-premium, Korean chopstick & spoon is masterfully carved, then coated with 9 layers of Ottchil (as opposed to 5 layers in their standard collection). 

But, what is Ottchil?

Ottchil is a type of traditional Korean lacquer.

It's made from the secretions of the Korean Ott tree. Chilmong only uses sap from premium-grade Ott trees grown in Wonju (Gangwon Province).

Collecting, refining and applying this lacquer is a very nuanced process - which takes decades of experience to master. 

For its premium collection, Chilmong uses a concentrated lacquer that contains more Ottchil sap (83.4% to be exact) than standard Ottchil.

Afterwards, each utensil is vigorously rubbed by hand (with an abrasive sponge) over three hundred times in a laborious 3-step process. This process is what produces Ottchil's beautiful glossy sheen. 

The natural sheen marks premium craftsmanship and quality. 

The Ottchil coating also creates a natural 99.9% antibacterial surface.

This is why Ottchil has long been treated as the best material for tableware in Korean history.

Select from 5 colors: Strong Red Wave, Sunset Yellow Wave, Deep Green Wave, Healing Blue Wave, Majestic Purple Wave 

Note: This premium collection is presented in a magnetic case box - great for a fancy gift.

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Product Highlights

  • This is Chilmong's ultra-premium chopsticks (beautiful wave design)
  • Awarded K-Ribbon Designation by the Korean Government
  • Chopstick Set includes: 1 Pair of Chopstick & 1 Spoon
  • Perfect for a gift for friends, family and colleagues (comes in a premium magnetic box)
  • Available in 5 beautiful colors

- [Chilmong] Premium Wave Ottchil Chopsticks -

[Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar [Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar

This is one of Chilmong's most premium set of Ottchil Chopsticks

The set is lacquered with a unique wave design - inspired by Korea's coastline

[Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar [Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar [Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar [Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar [Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar

Where is the lacquer from? 

Chilmong's Ottchil Chopsticks are coated with sap from lacquer trees grown in Wonju (Gangwon Province)

The lacquer used  for the premium collection contains 83.4% Ottchil sap

The sap from ottchil trees is used to make a lacquer (as shown above)

 - A 3-Step Finishing Process - 

After the chopsticks and spoon are masterfully coated with layers of Ottchil...

1. They are each rinsed-off with water

2. Then they are left out to dry naturally

3. Then they are rubbed vigorously with an abrasive sponge  (~hundreds of times)

This 3-step finish process is repeated 3x - to produce a beautiful sheen

(If the sheen is not clearly visible, the process is repeated)

- Available in 5 Colors -

Presented in order, left-to-right...

1. Strong Red Wave

2. Sunset Yellow  Wave 

3. Deep Green Wave

4. Healing Blue Wave

5. Majestic Purple Wave

Note: As a handmade good, the color of wood or lacquer may slightly differ

Awarded K-Ribbon Designation
in 2019

Usage Notes & Cleaning

Don't use  steel sponges or the green scourge side of 3M kitchen scrubs.

Instead, use the soft yellow sponge side of 3M sponges (or other soft cloth) 

Don't soak the utensils in water for an extended period of time. 

If leftover rice or foods gets crusted on spoon, soak in warm water for 2-3 minutes.

The Ottchil layers keeps the utensils 99.9% sterile (do not boil to sterilize)

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About The Brand

Chilmong is an artisan brand from Korea that specializes in Ottchil products. They follow traditional techniques in extracting, processing and applying Ottchil. Their products have been designated as K-Ribbon Selections by the Korean Government.

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