[Chaeon] 30-Day Sword Bean Tea

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Famous for treating bad-breath

[Chaeon] 30-Day Korean Sword Bean Tea

What exactly is Sword Bean tea?

Sword Bean is a type of legume. And its pods are big - larger than most hands. In fact, it's actually the bean stalk from the nursery tale, Jack and the Bean Stalk. In recent years, this legume has become very popular in Korean and Japan for use as a daily, healthy tea. 

Its claim to fame is reducing bad breath - especially among the older generation in Korea. The plant has high amounts of Canavanine, an amino acid that inhibits the growth of certain odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. So many people like to drink the tea throughout the day. The plant also contains Tannin and Flavonoid, which help reduce nasal infections and allergies like hay fever. 

Chaeon's Sword Bean is grown 100% organically - without any chemicals. To make it ready for tea, the pods are dried and then roasted at a high temperature. Since most of its nutrition is found in both the pods and the seeds, they are both used when making tea.

Note: Sword Bean tea has a slighty sweet finish (much more smoother than Burdock Tea). It's perfect for daily consumption. In fact, we drink it every night before going to bed. Chaeon also prints a 30-day drinking challenge on its label to promote better health.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah S.
Enjoyable, naturally sweet herbal tea

I find this herbal tea easy to enjoy; there is a natural sweetness, a soft haylike odor (in the best way), and no bitterness. It's a great before bed drink, for me.

donguk k.
it's good

delivered quickly, and i like the tea.