[Beksul] Somyeon Noodles (900 grams)


[Beksul] Somyeon Noodles

For a bowl of homemade Bibim Guksu

[Beksul] Somyeon Noodles

Beksul Kalguksu Noodles is perfect for making Bibim Guksu or Janchi Guksu at home. The noodles are thin, soft and bouncy.

We love this brand because the ingredient list is simple. It has 2 ingredients - flour and water. No additives or preservatives. No salt either! Just like how you would make it at home.

Beksul uses its best-quality flour (Grade 1 Flour) to makes these noodles. The dough is created and fermented in a vacuum mixer, as opposed to a common dough mixer. This ensures that the protein structure in the dough is dense and well-balanced, which translates to a chewy and stretchy noodle.

This is a large size - contains 900 grams of dried noodles (will last for some time!)

If you craving a bowl of homemade Bibim Guksu, this is it!

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Product Highlights

  • Made from only two ingredients: flour and salt
  • The dough is created in a vacuum chamber to prevent air pockets - results in an extra chewy and bouncy noodle
  • Perfect for making traditional Korean noodles like Janchi Guksu or Bibim Guksu
  • Available in large size: 900 grams
Product Details

Ingredient list

Flour (97.3%), Salt

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 2 years

    Before opening, keep in a cool, dry area

    Ater opening, keep in a cool, dry area

      What to make?

      Janchi Guksu (Party Noodles)

      Bibim Guksu (Spicy Mixed Noodles)

        About the Brand

        Established in 1965, Beksul is a mega food brand in Korea.
        They have produced many of Korea's best-selling products.

          Packaging Instructions

          How to cook Somyeon Noodles

          1Fill a pot with ~4 cups of water (1000 cc). Put in 100 grams of noodles and boil for 3.5 ~ 4.5 minutes. Use your chopsticks and move the noodles around to keep them from sticking. (Note: Foam may rise to the top when the noodles boil. To keep the pot from overflowing, pour in a few drizzles of cold water). 

          2After boiling for 3.5~4.5 minutes, drain out the noodles. Then rinse them under cold water. Finally, set in a strainer and let them drip off any excess water.

          3Place noodles in spicy marinade or in hot broth. 

          Recipe Idea 1: Kimchi Mixed Noodles

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          About The Brand

          Established in 1953, Beksul is one of Korea's mega food brands. Over the last 65 years, they've created many of Korea's most beloved food products. This brand is owned by the large Korean food conglomerate CJ Cheiljedang.

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