[Yegaminsok] Korean Mandarin Wedding Duck Set


[Yegaminsok] Korean Mandarin Ducks

Hand-Carved, Symbol of Unity & Fidelity

[Yegaminsok] Korean Mandarin Duck Set

In the old days, it was customary for Korean newlyweds to get a pair of duck carvings as a marriage gift.

That's because Mandarin ducks stay monogamous.

Unlike other ducks, once a mandarin ducks finds a partner, they remain with that partner until death! They've become a symbol for unity and fidelity.

After the wedding, the ducks are displayed prominently somewhere in the house - often times on a large shelf in the living room.

If the couple聽is doing well, the ducks are oriented facing each other. If the couple is arguing, he or she may turn one of the ducks around so that they are facing away from each other.

Nowadays,聽wedding ducks are often mass-produced in a factory. But today, we present a premium-quality set that is hand made by a Korean woodwork artisan.

Yegaminsok ducks are made one-by-one with delicate care and quality. It's made from a mountainous Korean tree. The trunk is slowly dried to prevent cracking and then meticulously hand-carved into shape.

It's then painted with vibrant colors, followed by a fresh coat of Ottchil lacquer. This lacquer provides outstanding durability and prevents wood from any decay or deformation.

Detailed Info: The duck with the green feathers represents the husband, while the red represent the wife. The ribbon around both beaks signify that listening (as opposed to talking) is a virtue in married life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maggie E. (Boynton Beach, FL)
Great quality

Bought these for my sons upcoming wedding. The ducks are beautifully handcrafted. Quality is excellent. Customer service outstanding. Can鈥檛 wait to present these ducks at their wedding shower.

Hillary O. (Walled Lake, MI)
Wonderful Gift

We purchased this as a gift for our friends upcoming wedding but I almost don't want to give them away! They're beautifully made and I'm considering getting a second set for our own home.

Additionally, they were delivered in a very nice shipping box and you can see the thought and care Gochujar takes with their orders. I even received a small hand-written note!

Product Highlights

  • Premium-quality Korean mandarin duck set - a pair of 2 ducks
  • Hand-carved and painted one-by-one by a Korean artisan (not mass produced)
  • Coated with traditional Ottchil Lacquer - will last a lifetime
  • Comes beautifully packaged in a vibrant Korean cloth
  • Works great as a wedding or housewarming gift!
[Yegaminsok] Korean Wedding Ducks

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About The Brand

Yegaminsok is a woodcraft artisan shop that specializes in Korean Mandarin Duck carvings. They hand carve and paint each duck, one-by-one. Each Mandarin Duck is finished with a coating of traditional Ottchil lacquer to help preserve the bright colors and wood quality. 

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