[NewTree] Ever Collagen Time Packets (30 Packets)


[New Tree] Ever Collagen Time (30 Packets)

Korea's #1 Best-Selling Collagen聽

[New Tree]聽Ever Collagen Time (30 Packets)

Today we introduce聽Korea's #1 Best-Selling Collagen...聽

NewTree's Ever Collagen Time!

This collagen has been the best seller for 2 consecutive years. As well as the #1 re-purchased collagen product in Korea.聽

Why? Ever Collagen聽Time received the official mark聽by the Korean FDA as a "Health-Functional Food" product.

The HFF mark indicates that the product has presented聽adequate scientific聽data/results聽to validate聽its advertised health benefits for the body.

Ever Collagen Time is made with聽fish collagen. Unlike animal-derived聽collagen, fish collagen is micro-sized which聽enables the collagen peptides to be easily absorbed by the digestion tract.

Faster absorption, easier digestion, noticeable results.

Collagen is essential for your skin.聽

It聽helps build聽elastic skin, improves skin moisture levels and fights against聽the signs of aging聽- lines and wrinkles.

Every year, your body produces less and less collagen (1% less every year).

By the age of 40, there is a significant decline in collagen production. This is why many in Korea incorporate collagen packets into their skincare routines.

Collagen聽also helps to maintain聽strong bones and joints.

The collagen helps to build bone density, repair tissues, supports healthy cartilage, maintain joint mobility and relieves joint pain.

Okay, but how does its taste?

It has a tart, pineapple taste - easy to consume.

Simply tear the packet and pour it straight into your mouth - no need to mix or take with water!

1 packet contains 1000 mg of collagen.聽Take 1 packet per day.

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Product Highlights

  • Korea's #1 Best-Selling Collagen Powder!
  • Micro-sized fish collagen - for quick absorption and easy digestion
  • Received mark of "Health-Functional Food" product by Korean FDA
  • Simple usage: take once a day straight - without water
  • 1 packet contains 1000 mg of collagen
  • 1 container has 30 packets (~1 month supply)
How is it advertised in Korea? 

We translated the main points for you below! 

Ever Collagen is Korea's #1
Best-Selling Collagen...

#1 Best- Seller for 2 consecutive years!* 

#1 Re-Purchased Collagen*

#1 in Production Volume*

#1 in Customer Satisfaction**

#1 in Brand Recognition**

*2017/2018 Sales in Korean Health Products

**2020 Korean Brand Recognition Survey

Unlike other collagen products, Ever Collagen has received the official mark by Korea's FDA as a "Health-Functional Food" (HFF) product

The HFF mark is given to products that show adequate scientific evidence that the food (product) is manufactured using functional ingredients that are nutritious and helpful for the body.

All HFF marked products are strictly controlled by the Korean government with preliminary reviews to see if they live up to their advertised health claims.

In addition, all HFF products are required to be manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.

Ever Collagen was the first collagen product in Korea to receive approval!

Take 1 collagen packet, once-a-day to enhance your skin health!

1 packet contains 100% of your daily collagen needs

No need for water - take it straight!

Consume anytime, anywhere!

Take Ever Collagen if you're looking for...

A simple & effective way to improve the overall condition and health of your skin.

An easy-to-consume collagen that doesn't taste burdensome - this has a tart, citrus flavor!

An easy-to-consume collagen which you can take at home, work or on-the-road. 

What's in the packet?

Ever Collagen Time Packets contains 1000 mg of micro-sized fish collagen.

The collagen is derived from fish (not animals). 

Fish collagen is micro-sized - which allows for faster absorption and easier digestion!

1 container has 30 packets (1-month supply)

Keep in a dry, cool area

Check Point #1

Received official mark by Korean FDA as a "health-functional food"

In fact, it's the first collagen product in Korea to receive this "health-functional food" mark.

Ever Collagen Fish Collagen is extracted via a proprietary process - called enzyme hydrolysis. This produces a micro-molecule-sized collagen.

Micro-molecule size allows the collagen peptides to be easily absorbed by the digest tract, delivering the necessary amino acids and high concentrations of hydroxyproline-proline and hydroxyproline-glycine.

Collagen produces benefits for the entire body...

For Healthy and Youthful Skin

Keep skin elastic, improves skin moisture levels and fights against the signs of lines and wrinkles

For Strong Bones & Joints

Builds bone density, repairs tissue, supports healthy cartilage, maintains joints mobility & flexibility, relieves joint pain and stiffness

6-month lab trial show considerable improvements in skin health

Skin elasticity levels >> increase 

Skin moisture levels >> increase

Size of wrinkles around eyes >> decrease

The lab study consisted of 70 Korean women in their 40-60's - who took 1 packet of New Tree's Ever Collagen (1000 mg) for 12 weeks.
(Note: Your results may vary from lab results).

Check Point #2

1 Packet per Day Skincare

1 Packet contains 100% of your daily collagen needs

Check Point #3

Take it anywhere

Unlike other collagen powders,  you don't need to mix it with water. 

Simply open the packet and pour it straight into your mouth!

Did you know that your inner skin - the dermis - is made of  90% collagen fibers? 

Collagen is essential for your skin health - with collagen fibers comprising more than 90% of your dermis (aka the thickest layer of your skin).

 Collagen is also used by your body for repairing and maintaining hair, nails, muscles and tendons. 

However, the amount of collagen that your body produces decreases by roughly ~1% every year. 

Starting from the age of 40, there is a significant decline in collagen production.

Taking collagen will help fight the appearance of aging in your skin.

Product Information

Full ingredients list:

Micro Fish Collagen, Purified Glucose, Trehalose, DL Malic Acid, Calmansi Scent (Mulyeot, Water, Gum Arabic, Natural Scent), Citric Acid, Pineapple Flavor [Dextrin, Gum Arabic, Pineapple Aroma, Ethyl Maltol, Propylene Glycol], Apple Extract Powder [Dextrin, Apple Extract], Apple Flavor Powder [Dextrin, Arabia Gum, Apple Aroma, Ethyl Maltol,  Spirits], Enzyme-Treated Stevia

Nutritional Value (% daily value):

Serving size = 1 packet (3g)

11 calories per packet

Carbohydrates 2g (1%), Protein 1g (2%), Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 3mg (0%), Gly-Pro-Hyp (Collagen) 30mg


NewTree is the maker of Ever Collagen

NewTree is a Korean bio tech company that specializes in bringing nature to "inner health" beauty products. 

They pride themselves on...

Using ingredients from nature.

Discovery new ingredients for inner beauty

 Maintaining leadership in biotechnology

The company has registered 27 domestic patents and 32 international patents around natural ingredients and its usage in beauty products. 

Product faq

Take one packet per day.
Consume anytime - before or after meals. 

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About The Brand

NewTree is a Korean biotechnology company that specializes in bringing nature to "inner health" beauty products.  They identify ingredients for "Health Beauty" - which includes weight loss, anti-aging and skin care.

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