[Chilmong] Korean HALF-SLEEVE Ottchil Chopstick Set (2 Types)


K-Ribbon Selection Winner

[Chilmong] Korean HALF-SLEEVE Ottchil Chopstick Set (2 Types)

Today, we’re excited to introduce Chilmong!

Chilmong is a local artisan ottchil lacquerware brand that has earned the prestigious “K-Ribbon Selection” label by the Korean govt. 

The "K-Ribbon Selection" is a prestigious recognition for artisans and craftsmen in South Korea. It recognizes products of exceptional quality, innovation, and excellence across various domains, including ottchil lacquerware.

What distinguishes Chilmong from cheaper brands is their superb craftsmanship and use of Korea's top-grade ottchil.

All of Chilmong's chopsticks, spoons, and tea ware are handmade, not mass-produced in factories!

Ottchil lacquering is renowned for its labor-intensive nature, demanding considerable time, patience, and skill.

Each layer of ottchil must be skillfully applied and given time to dry before the next layer can be added. This intricate process can span several weeks or even months, as each layer requires adequate time to cure and harden effectively.

Mastering this traditional Ottchil technique requires decades of apprenticeship.

As mentioned, Chilmong uses top-grade Ott sap sourced from Wonju Province, Korea.

(This Wonju Ottchil sap is 12 times more expensive than the mass-produced Chinese Ott sap)

Wonju Ottchil sap produces a hard, durable, and smooth varnish that effectively seals the wood from moisture.

Once the Ottchil coating is applied, moisture or leftover micro food particles cannot penetrate the surface, effectively preventing bacteria from infiltrating the wood's pores.

This ensures that the chopsticks do not rot, discolor, or harbor bacteria, thereby guaranteeing a hygienic utensil (99.9% anti-bacterial surface).

This is why Ottchil has long been known as the best material for tableware in Korea.

Chilmong offers a variety of chopsticks, each featuring varying layers of Ottchil coating and differences in Wonju Ottchil concentration.

This is their HALF-SLEEVE collection.

It comes with 10 layers of base Ottchil lacquer.

Plus an extra 6 layers of Ottchil lacquer are applied to the tips of the chopsticks and the edges of the spoon - to enhance durability against daily wear.

Available in 2 styles:

Option 01: Brown Ottchil with Colored Handle

- This brown version is available in 5 different colors: Coral, Mustard Yellow, Deep Green, Violet, Ivory

Option 02: Dark Ottchil with Colored Handle

- This darker version is available in 3 different colors: Pink, Blue-Green, Beige Green

If you're searching for traditional Korean item that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, this is an excellent choice.

Note: Gochujar is an authorized seller of Chilmong products. All items are certified authentic and shipped directly to us from Chilmong.

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Product Highlights

  • Handcrafted Premium Korean Ottchil Chopstick Set, Lacquered with Exquisite Ottchil from Wonju Province
  • Chilmong is the recipient of the prestigious "K-Ribbon Selection" label by the Korean Government
  • Certified free of toxic substances - safe for daily use
  • Ideal weight & length (24cm) for eating meals
  • Set includes: 1 Spoon + Pair of Chopsticks
  • Available in 2 styles & various colors

[Chilmong] Korean Half-Sleeve Ottchil Chopstick Set (2 Types)


What is Ottchil (옻칠)?

Ottchil is a traditional Korean lacquer art form

It involves applying natural lacquer to a variety of objects, including bowls, cutlery, boxes, and furniture

Traditional Ott lacquer is obtained from Korean Ott trees

When extracted, the thick liquid sap starts brown but becomes translucent after refinement - making it suitable as a finishing layer

Ottchil forms a coated film that is resilsient against spills and stains and is 99.9% anti-bacterial

Before refrigeration, ottchil containers were utilized  in Korea to preserve food, offering moisture-proof, water-proof, insect-repellent, and anti-bacterial properties


Chilmong has been honored with the prestigious "K-Ribbon Selection" label by the Korean Govt

The "K-Ribbon Selection" award from the Korean Government is a prestigious recognition for artisans and craftsmen in South Korea

This award recognizes products of exceptional quality, innovation, and excellence across various fields, including traditional crafts like ottchil lacquerware.

Chilmong's products are skillfully handcrafted, not mass-produced in factories!

The ottchil lacquering process is renowned for its labor-intensive nature, requiring considerable time, patience, and craftsmanship

Each layer of ottchil must be carefully applied and allowed to dry before the next layer can be added

This process can take several weeks or even months, as each layer needs time to cure and harden properly

The ottchil process requires skill and precision to avoid imperfections such as bubbles, drips, or uneven coatings

Ottchil artisans undergo years of apprenticeship and practice to master this traditional art form


What sets Chilmong's Half-Sleeve Ottchil Chopstick Apart? 

✔  Recognition as a K-Ribbon Cultural Product of South Korea

✔  Crafted from Korean Schmidt Birch Trees (참박달나무)  grown in Gangwon Province (Korea)

✔  Over 5 years spent in utensil design iterations and refinement

✔  Crafted for both comfort and scooping capacity, while ensuring a great feel when gripped

✔  The applied Ottchil mixture contains a minimum of 70% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil

✔  The entire process requires 48 meticulous manual steps, skillfully executed by Korean woodworking artisans

✔ Utensil handles are coated with eco-friendly Ottchil lacquer, devoid of any toxic or hormone-related concerns

✔   The half-sleeve chopstick is crafted using the same materials and processes employed in our most premium lacquer utensils (Galaxy and Waves collection)

✔   Crafted with 16 rounds of lacquering, including 10 base coats and 6 strengthening coats


This half-sleeve chopstick is available in two different styles

Option 1:  Brown Ottchil with Colored Handle (Choose from 5 Colors)

Option 2:  Dark Ottchil with Colored Handle (Choose from 3 Colors)


01. Brown Ottchil with Colored Handle

Choose a color: Coral, Mustard Yellow, Deep Green, Violet, Ivory 

New Colors.jpg__PID:0e0f7092-0547-4d6b-ba23-0290aff730d8

Option 2. Dark Ottchil with Colored Handle

Choose a color: Pink, Blue-Green, Beige Green

New Colors -2a.jpg__PID:05476d6b-fa23-4290-aff7-30d86c2a1bdd

Product detail:

Size: 4.2 cm | Length: 24 cm

Material:  Wood (Korean Schmidt Birch Tree) / Natural Ott Sap

Made in Korea


Are all Ottchil-lacquered items the same?

No, Ottchil items can vary in terms of design, style, materials used, and additional features

The quality of Ottchil items is determined by the quality of the raw materials used and the skill of the artisan. 


Introducing Chilmong!

At Chilmong, we use Korean Birch Trees to ensure maximum durability and longevity of our utensils

We also utilize top-grade Ottchil lacquer directly sourced from Korean Ott Trees from Wonju Province

Our skilled artisans boast decades of Ottchil craftsmanship experience, resulting in superior-made products

As a fundamental commitment, we prioritize creating safe and hygienic utensils for everyday use.


When using Ottchil for dining purposes, ensuring proper hardening is essential

This process involves applying multiple layers of Ottchil to the surface, allowing each layer to dry and harden before adding the next

This builds up a durable coating that can withstand daily use in a dining setting

Proper hardening not only enhances the lacquer's longevity but also creates a smooth, glossy finish that's both visually appealing and functional

Additionally, it increases resistance to scratches, stains, and heat

Insufficient drying and hardening of the lacquer can lead to the wood emitting unpleasant odors or lacquer pieces breaking off

At Chilmong, our Ottchil chopsticks are completely hardened


Experience what Premium Ottchil feels like! 

Our dedication to Ottchil lacquerware—fine craftsmanship, superior chopsticks await you


Ottchil chopsticks recommended for: 

1. For those seeking anti-bacterial, hygienic utensils (99.9% anti-bacterial surface)

2. For those who hate the accidental contact of metal utensils with their teeth while eating

3. For those with are wary of scratching their ceramics with metal utensils

4. For those who dislike the clanging sound of metal utensils against the table or ceramics

5. For those seeking a meaningful Korean gift option


The handle's colored portion is coated with Ottchil lacquer, adding vibrant hues!

(It is NOT colored with urethane, epoxy, or paint!)

From end-to-end, this chopstick is coated with natural Ottchil lacquer, guaranteeing it's free from environmental hormones and microplastic


We use Korean Schimidt Birch Tree (참박달나무) from Gangwon Province

Korean Schmidt Birch meets our high standards across three prioritized requirements:

Non-toxic wood - the wood should be free from toxic substances and not leach any harmful chemicals

Small, fine pores - within the wood to restrict moisture/liquid aborption

Dense, heavy wood - to provide hardness, durability and strength for utensils


At Chilmong, lacquering doesn't stop until it's done properly - until it's deemed 'just right'

We don't finish lacquer chopsticks in one go; instead, we repeat the lacquering, drying, and polishing process several times, crafting with the intention of real-world use.

For the Half-Sleeve Spoon & Chopsticks, we repeat the lacquering, drying, and polishing process over 10 times, with tip reinforcements done 6 times...

...and as many times more as needed, until it's just right!


How does this product compare to other Chilmong products?

Natural Type

6 layers of base Ottchil* lacquer

3 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Applied Ottchil mixture contains at least 10% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Half-Sleeve Type

10 layers of Ottchil* lacquer

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Applied Ottchil mixture contains at least 70% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Premium Galaxy Set & Premium Wave Set

10 layers of Ottchil* lacquer

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Applied Ottchil mixture contains at least 80% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)


Design Details:

Ever wondered why our chopsticks feel lighter, even with the same weight?

 It's all thanks to Chilmong's unique design, which is built with weight distribution in mind

Over the years, we've added subtle enhancements to our chopsticks to ensure safer and more comfortable use

Rounded edges on both the head and handle provide a more ergonomic grip

Deeper heads and handles allow for holding more broth and toppings, perfect for Korean cuisine


We've carefully smoothed the chopstick tips, removing any rough or sharp edges.


The spoon head design is tailored to fit Korean cuisine's tradition of utilizing chopsticks as both utensils and cutting tools, akin to a knife.

The chopsticks are smoothly polished to prevent catching edges / stabbing food

Not defective-1a.jpg__PID:0eb6761f-928e-4511-9d07-8c11d13e3277


All Chilmong products are meticulously handcrafted by artisans. The following are natural occurrences during the manual production of lacquer products, thus they are not eligible for exchange or return:

01. Variations in Wood Dimensions

Throughout the manufacturing process, wood might undergo warping or exhibit minor variations in shape. Even after thorough drying, there could still be deviations of 5-10% due to atmospheric humidity.


02. Characteristics of Material

The handles of half-sleeve lacquer chopstick sets are hand-painted with colored lacquer, which may result in slight clumping. However, this is a natural occurrence.


03. Brush Marks and Imperfections

Each lacquer coating is applied by hand with meticulous care. Brush marks, traces of gold powder during painting, or imperfections during the drying of colored lacquer are natural outcomes of manual hand labor.


04. Smudging and Flowing of Colored Lacquer

During the lacquering process, wet lacquer may inadvertently smudge onto non-lacquered areas, or there may be slight imperfections when removing tape.


05. Variation in Color of Lacquered Handle

Unlike uniform urethane, there may be slight color variations in each batch of colored lacquer. Handcrafted colored lacquer develops into a natural, clear hue over time, known as "lacquer bleeding."


06. Differences in Wood Color and Grain

Even with the same wood type, there may be variations in color and visible wood grain depending on the condition of the lumber and lacquering process. Wood type may change without notice to maintain product quality.



Avoid biting or scratching with teeth, as this may cause the wood to break or easily wear

Be cautious when using on rough surfaces such as ceramic, earthenware, stone pots, or cast iron cookware, as they may cause abrasions

Avoid placing in very hot areas, as this may alter the shape or cause discoloration (whitening)

Avoid strong external impacts as it can break/damage the utensil



Avoid using rough scrubbers like steel sponges, as they may quickly wear off the lacquer coating. Instead, use gentle acrylic/cloth scrubbers or hand-wash.

Prolonged soaking in water may cause the wood to warp or crack, so be cautious. If food residue is stuck, soak for 2-3 minutes before gently washing.

Prolonged soaking in water may cause the wood to warp or crack, so be cautious. Our products are inherently 99.9% antibacterial, so there's no need for boiling. Simple rinsing prevents stains or mold formation. is stuck, soak for 2-3 minutes before gently washing.


Is it safe to use a dishwasher?

We reommend hand-washing. Do not place in boiling water or dishwashers - as they may cause the wood to warp or crack over time. 

Our lacquer products inherently possess antibacterial properties of 99%. Thus, simple rinse under hot water suffices for safe use without the need for separate boiling or sterilization.

Will the lacquer wear off?

With careful handling and avoidance of sharp objects or rough surfaces, the lacquer should not peel/wear off and can be used for a long time.

However, please exercise caution as the lacquer may weawr off, especially if the chopsticks are improperly used (e.g., biting into them) or handled roughly.

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