[Kwang Cheon Kim] Organic Seasoned Seaweed

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Organic, Not Overly Salty or Oily 

[Kwang Cheon Kim] Organic Seasoned Laver (9 pack)

There's a popular saying in Korea.

With a single pack of gim, you can finish a whole bowl of rice!

Gim is the Korean word for laver. Every Korean grows up eating gim. It's the default banchan when there is little left in the refrigerator. Simply tear open a pack of gim and eat it with hot rice. (With a fried egg on the side!)

Gim is a health food that is packed with protein, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamins A & B. It also has a high content of mineral salts - particularly iodine, iron and essential amino acids.

There are many different gim brands in Korea. But today, we introduce a premium one called Kwang Cheon Kim's Organic Seasoned Laver.

The key selling point about this laver is that it's 100% organic! Kwang Cheon Kim cultivates its seaweed off the southern coast of Korea, without the use of any pesticides, chemicals or GMOs. The seaweed grows naturally out in the ocean water.

The second reason that we chose this laver is that the seasoning is not overdone. There's just a few sprinkles of sea salt on each sheet (many brands add too much!). And the laver is not overly brushed with oil either.

If you regularly eat Korean Gim, try this organic one by Kwang Cheon Kim!

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Organic Laver (USDA Organic Certified)
  • Roasted twice for a crispy texture - delicious taste with just the right amount of salt
  • Contains only 3 ingredients: Organic Laver, Canola Oil, Sea Salt 
  • Eat with rice as a banchan - fits easily into lunchbox
  • Includes 9 individual packs

Full Ingredients List:

Seaweed (Korea), Canola Oil (US), Sea Salt (Korea)

100% Organic Certification

Received Organic Certification in both Korea & US 

100% certified organic ingredients


All ingredients comply with National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances

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About The Brand

Kwang Cheon Kim is one of Korea's most famous and reputable laver brands. The company has been making laver products for over 50 years. Their facilities are HAACP certified and their seaweed products are ubiquitous in Korea.

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