[ATO] Korean Hanbok Apron (10 Varieties)



Traditional Yet Modern

[ATO] Korean Hanbok Apron 

Today, we present to you a beautiful Korean Hanbok Apron!

What is a Hanbok? It is Korea's traditional dress that's typically worn for weddings, festivals and other joyous occasions. Hanbok dresses are characterized by its vibrant colors - typically a combination of two or more bright colors. The color of hanbok used to symbolize social position and marital status. Bright colors, for example, were typically worn by children and single women, and muted hues by middle aged men and women. However, in modern days, most pick the color that suit their personal preference.

This Hanbok Apron is designed by Jessica.Blue - a Korean fabric company operated by a mother & daughter duo. The Mother was inspired to create a functional apron for her daughter that embodied the traditional values of the Hanbok.

The colorful git (깃) - which is the band of fabric that trims the collar of the Hanbok - is the focal point of the design. It wraps around the neck and drops to the breast-line for a fresh, modern look. 

If you've been looking for a beautiful apron for use in the kitchen, garden or restaurant, this is it! It also works great as a wedding or birthday gift.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Risto (Yongin-si, 41)
Amzing gift for daughter

I bought this as a gift for my daughter birthday as she is recently getting into Korean cooking. The details in the fabric and color combinations are elegant, beautiful and so Korean. I like to wear it as well when we have guests over. Yesterday, I wore it down to the lobby to open the door for dinner guests and received numerous compliments! I would definitely recommend! I plan on ordering another for family friend.

Phong D.
Great take on modern hanbok

The minute I saw this on social media, I knew that the hanbok apron was something I needed to have. Ive never seen anything like this before. The opportunity to support Daniel and Katie was also a bonus. I bought one for my wife as a gift knowing that she would love it (were obsessed with Korean culture, products, food, K-pop, and have been to Seoul twice) and not think that I was being sexist. I splurged and also got one for myself. I was stoked that we were in the price point for free shipping. The aprons arrived to California fairly quickly considering it shipped from Korea! Each apron came in a beautiful cylindrical container. The color, fabric and fit were perfect and excellent quality. The neck has a button fastener making it easy to put on and/or adjust. I LOVE these aprons. The quality, uniqueness, and origin of these aprons totally justifies the price. If you buy one of these aprons, you will not be disappointed!

Julie K.


Product Highlights

  • Beautiful-designed Hanbok Apron
  • Made from a high-quality linen-cotton blend 
  • Use it as an apron when cooking, gardening or serving in a restaurant
  • Premium packaging in sleek-designed case - works well as a gift
  • Choose from 10 different colors
Kitchen Apron Details

1) Front Pocket: A large pocket on the front-right side to hold your phone or cooking accessories.

2) Snap-on: Fit around your neck with easy pop-on/pop-off buttons

3) Back-tie: Tie into a ribbon around your back 

6 Dark Colors

01. Navy Blue & Yellow 

02. Dark Green & Orange

03. Purple & Light Blue

04. Brown

05. Grey & Green

06. Dark Brown

4 Bright Colors

07. Blue & Ivory

08. Yellow & Gray

09. Pink & Navy

10. Ivory & Coral Pink


Size: W 95 cm H 92.5 cm (+Strap Length 95 cm)

Material: Linen & Cotton blend

Manufacturing Country: South Korea

Washing: Place in a laundry net and place in washing machine by itself.
Set water temperature between 20~30°C (68°F~86°F) and dry in shade (out of direct sunlight)

Notice: On your first wash, the material may slightly shrink by 1-2 cm 
Linen-Cotton may have a few wrinkles in the fabric or some discolored spots in between the fabric (this is normal)

Product faq

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Q: I want to give this as a gift - how does it come packaged?
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Q: Is this made in Korea?

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About The Brand

ATO is a brand created by a Korean fabric company named Jessica.Blue and a Korean kitchen goods retailer Seoul Bund. Jessica.Blue is run by a Korean mom and daughter duo. The Mother was inspired to bring the traditional, aesthetic Hanbok design into her daughter's kitchen. The result is this beautiful Hanbok apron!

That's it folks!