[Ahn-Ok Nam] Charcoal-Dried Dashima Squares


Ahn-Ok Nam Charcoal-Dried Dashima Squares

Deep, tasting Anchovy-Kelp Broth

[Ahn-Ok Nam] Charcoal-Dried Dashima Squares

Ahn-Ok Nam's Dashima Squares produce deep-tasting Korean stock broth.

Ahn-Ok Nam harvests high-quality kelp from the southern coast of Korea - near Gijang, Jindo, Wando and Goheung. The kelp is quickly cut, processed and left to dry in charcoal-briquette stacked rooms. (Charcoal is very effective in soaking moisture and harsh odors out of the air). The kelp dries quickly without tainting its natural flavor or losing nutrition. The dashima is then cut into small squares, making it easy to use at home.
Good quality dashima has white spots visible on the surface. These white spots are called Mannit (or more commonly known as umami) and they form as the kelp dries out. Water evaporates into the air but the minerals crystallise as white dots on the surface. Mannit provide that umami flavor when boiled in water. This is why Dashima is used to make Korean Stock Broth. It's a must-have item for Korean cooking. 

Product Highlights

  • High-quality Dashima (Mannit visible on surface)
  • Quickly-dried via charcoal briquettes.
  • Pre-cut into small squares - easy to use 
Ahn-Ok Nam Charcoal-Dried Dashima Squares - Product Matrix - Gochujar
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

  • Dashima (100%)

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 1 year
  • Before opening, store in a cool, dry area
  • After opening, store in a cool, dry area

What to Make

  • Anchovy-dashima broth

About the Brand

  • Ahn Ok-Nam is a regional producer that has been processing
    seafood products for the last 50 years. They specialize in
    dashima, seaweed and kelp-related products.

What is Dashima?

Dashima is a type of edible seaweed (brown algae) that is extensively harvested on ropes in between the seas of Korean and Japan. Dashima is also known as "kombu" in Japan. Both countries use it as an ingredient in making stock for soup and stews.  

Besides soup stock, dashima can also be deep-fried into bugak or eaten raw as a ssam (wrap).

How do I make Anchovy-Kelp Broth?

Product faq

Q: What country is the kelp from?
Q: Where should I store it?
Q: Is this the same type of seaweed used in miyeok-guk?

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About The Brand

Ahn Ok Nam Logo - Gochujar

Ahn-Ok Nam is a regional seafood processor that has been operating for the last 50 years (since 1967). They specialize in Korean seaweed, dashima and other kelp products. Ahn-Ok Nam products are high-quality and sold in premium retail stores. 

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